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Provide php_runkit.dll #22

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Would it be possible to provide the compiled php_runkit.dll? I'm having a hard time creating it myself, and I don't find it anywhere for downloading.

Thanks, Adrian


I also encountered issues when building the DLL but the following process worked for me.

  1. First, follow the instructions on the PHP wiki at for building PHP itself. I made the error of installing Visual Studio before the Windows Platform SDK but uninstalling and reinstalling Visual Studio seems to have avoided the corresponding issue described in the Pitfalls section of that page. The snapshot I downloaded at the time was php5.3-201211011830.tar.gz which lead to creating a C:\php-sdk\php53dev\vc9\x86\php5.3-201211011830 directory when following the wiki instructions. Also, keep the SDK CMD shell used in the wiki instructions open for use in later steps.
  2. Download the zip archive from github using or get the source code by cloning the repository.
  3. Expand the archive (if you downloaded it) and copy the contents of the zenovich-runkit-d069e23 directory to C:\php-sdk\php53dev\vc9\x86\php5.3-201211011830\ext\runkit. This put the config.w32 file and the tests directory in the C:\php-sdk\php53dev\vc9\x86\php5.3-201211011830\ext\runkit directory.
  4. Run buildconf again from the C:\php-sdk\php53dev\vc9\x86\php5.3-201211011830 directory in the SDK CMD shell used in the wiki instructions and confirm the new configure options exist for runkit by executing “configure –help”.
  5. Run the following configure command to setup the build: “configure --disable-all --disable-zts --enable-cli --enable-runkit=shared”. The environment I needed runkit for is using the non-thread safe version of PHP and thus I needed the “--disable-zts” option. I found that I needed to append “=shared” onto the “--enable-runkit” option to communicate that a DLL was desired. Otherwise, I think runkit was statically linked into the PHP executable.
  6. Finally, execute nmake from the C:\php-sdk\php53dev\vc9\x86\php5.3-201211011830 directory in the SDK CMD shell and the runkit DLL will be produced in the “C:\php-sdk\php53dev\vc9\x86\php5.3-201211011830\Release” directory.

THere's no plans to distribute precompiled DLLs for Windows?


Thanks @sonsinim, going by your description I managed to easily compile runkit for all current PHP versions. The worst part was waiting for VM to install everything needed :)

I uploaded my binaries for PHP 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 at

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