Runkit 1.0.1

@zenovich zenovich released this Oct 3, 2010 · 152 commits to master since this release

 New features:
     + The patch made by David Sklar was applied to support creation and changing of static methods.
       The new user-level const "RUNKIT_ACC_STATIC" was introduced.
     + An ability to import static class properties was added.
       The new user-level const "RUNKIT_IMPORT_CLASS_STATIC_PROPS" was introduced.
     + An ability to apply a closure to a sandbox in PHP 5.3+ by calling the call_user_func method was added.

 Main bug-fixes:
     * Fixes of issues with importing constant arrays into properties and constants
     * Fixes of issues with importing functions or methods having static variables inside them
     * The behaviour that old methods had been always overridden by new ones independently from
       the RUNKIT_IMPORT_OVERRIDE flag was corrected
     * Compatibility with 5.3+ in zts mode
     * runkit_function_* functions were fixed with the patch from Keisial at gmail dot com
       (see the second comment from
     * The reverting of protected methods via runkit_method_copy was corrected, the segmentation fault
       on calling restored method was eliminated
     * Elimination of the segmentation-fault on exit after restoring modified internal functions
       (see also
     * Correction for the situation when a method or function having static variables in itself
       and copied by runkit crashes afterwards on calling if the original method or function was removed
     * The issue that the runkit used to create new methods with lowercase names was fixed, tests were extended
     * Methods' prototype detection was fixed