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ZenSend Ruby bindings


You don't need this source code unless you want to modify the gem. If you just want to use the ZenSend Ruby bindings, you should run:

gem install zensend

If you want to build the gem from source:

bundle exec rake build


  • Ruby 1.9.3 or above.


Test cases can be run with: bundle exec rake spec

Release is performed by: rake release

Manual Testing

irb -I ./lib
irb(main):001:0> require 'zensend'
irb(main):003:0> client ="api_key", {}, "http://localhost:8084")
irb(main):007:0> client.lookup_operator("441234567890")
=> #<struct ZenSend::OperatorLookupResponse mnc="34", mcc="234", operator="eeora-uk", new_balance_in_pence=184.006, cost_in_pence=2.0>


First, make sure you require the gem

require 'zensend'

Then, create an instance of the client

client ="YOUR API KEY")

You can also specify timeout options and the Zensend URL. Default timeouts are 60 seconds.

client ="YOUR API KEY", {open_timeout: 30, read_timeout: 30}, "http://localhost:8084")

Sending SMS

To send an SMS, you must specify the originator, body and numbers:

sms_response = client.send_sms({
  originator: "ORIGINATOR",
  body: "Hello!",
  numbers: ["447777777777", "448888888888"]

puts sms_response.tx_guid # the transaction identifier
puts sms_response.numbers # the amount of numbers the message will be sent to
puts sms_response.sms_parts # the amount of parts the message will be split up into
puts sms_response.encoding # the encoding used
puts sms_response.cost_in_pence # the cost of the request
puts sms_response.new_balance_in_pence # your new balance

You can also specify the following optional params:

sms_response = client.send_sms({
  originator: "ORIGINATOR",
  body: "Hello!",
  numbers: ["447777777777", "448888888888"],
  originator_type: "ALPHA", # ALPHA or MSISDN
  timetolive_in_minutes: 120,
  encoding: "GSM" # GSM or UCS2

Checking your balance

This will return your current balance:

puts client.check_balance.inspect

Listing prices

This will return a JSON string with all our prices by country code:

puts client.get_prices

Operator Lookup

This allows you to lookup the operator of a given MSISDN

operator_lookup_response = client.lookup_operator("4477777777777")
puts operator_lookup_response.mnc
puts operator_lookup_response.mcc
puts operator_lookup_response.operator
puts operator_lookup_response.new_balance_in_pence
puts operator_lookup_response.cost_in_pence