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require "rake/testtask"
$:.unshift 'lib'
require 'ometa'
desc 'rebuild bootstrap.rb from the core ometa grammar files'
task :bootstrap do
ruby = Bootstrapper.to_ruby(OMeta::GRAMMAR_FILES)
open("lib/ometa/bootstrap.rb", "w") do |f|
f.puts("# Automatically generated. DO NOT MODIFY.")
desc 'create new standard'
task :standard do
commit=`git rev-parse --short HEAD`.strip
mkdir "standards/#{commit}"
cp "lib/ometa/bootstrap.rb","standards/#{commit}"
desc "basic bootstrap profiling"
task :profile do
sh 'zenprofile -Ilib -rometa -e "Bootstrapper.to_ruby(OMeta::GRAMMAR_FILES)"'
desc 'Simple benchmark'
task :bench do
require 'profile'
# all we do is run the complete bootstrap 3 times. this currently
# takes about 44-48 seconds currently on my laptop (~1.4Ghz single
# core). they're pretty simple grammars, so ideally this'd take
# more like a few seconds... ok after using _x* variant functions
# which use blocks instead of procs, and removing some other
# unnecessary procs, we get this down to 30 s. this also has the
# nice side effect of reducing the size of bootstrap.rb from 13kb
# down to 10kb. can get it down to 28 with a bit more of that. will
# now try inlining _or() alternations to avoid the only remaining
# need for procs. if that doesn't have an appreciable impact, (eg >
# 5s), i'll revert it and focus on runtime.rb, which is probably
# where the slowness is - implementation of streams, memoization,
# the _apply function etc. just tested it on ruby1.9, and the speed
# was the same.
t =
1.times { Bootstrapper.to_ruby(OMeta::GRAMMAR_FILES) }
puts "1 bootstraps took #{ - t} seconds"
end do |t|
t.libs = %w(test lib)
t.test_files = FileList["test/test_*.rb"]
t.verbose = true
task :default => :test