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h1. Learning Resources
== Self-Organized Study Groups ==
* "Women Who Code Rails study group": in San Francisco meets every Tuesday. Started on Sept 27, 2011.
* "Women Who Code Mailing List":
=== Interactive Resources ===
* "TryRuby": a browser-based interactive tutorial in Ruby.
* "Hackety Hack": Hackety Hack] a fun way for beginners to learn Ruby.
* "Ruby Koans": - a self-guided journey through topics in Ruby for beginners and experts alike.
* "Test-First Teaching": - click on 'Learn Ruby'
* "Ruby Warrior": Ruby Warrior - write and refine some Ruby code to get your warrior to the top of a hazardous tower.
* "Ruby Quiz": - a guided tour through the world of possibility; use your Ruby to build simple apps, games, and solve problems.
* "PDX Tech Workshop": These are the slides from the ruby/rails workshop organized in Portland, OR by "PDXtech":
* [ Rails for Zombies] - a series of videos and browser-based Rails exercises
* [ Rails Tutorial] - a tutorial that leads you through writing a Rails messaging app
=== Watch screen casts ===
* [ RailsCasts] (also available as [ blog posts])
* [ PeepCode]
* [ Pivotal Labs talks]
Check out the big list of [[Ruby Reads]].
=== Online Guides and Documentation ===
* "Rails Guides": - the official how-to articles for Rails
* "Rails API": - Nice, searchable online documentation for Rails
=== Classes & Events in San Francisco ===
* San Francisco Ruby Meetups (we'd love to have you when you're in the area!)]
* [ RailsBridge Workshops organizing team]
* [ Women Who Code meetup] (monthly hack nights & speakers)
=== Online ===
* [ RailsBridge]
* [ DevChix] -blog and mailing list for women developers
* [ Stack Overflow] -for answers to programming questions
* [ Apprenticeship Patterns] -advice for aspiring programmers
* Devchix wiki page: "WWCode Rails":
=== Get experience ===
* Just do it. Write and publish your own Rails app.
* Volunteer at the next workshop
* Volunteer on a RailsBridge Builders project
* Come to a hack session
=== Meetups and User Groups outside of San Francisco ===
* Boulder Ruby (monthly events):
* DeRailed - Denver Rails UG:
* Mountain.rb (Boulder, Colorado)
* Chicago Ruby (beginners welcome!)
Check for Ruby and Rails meetups anywhere at [ Ruby in Person]kkjjjjj