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HTML DOM parser for PHP

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A Simple HTML DOM parser written in PHP let you manipulate HTML in a easy way with selectors just like CSS or jQuery.

This is modern version of Simple HTML DOM. You can install by using Composer and import to your project as a package.


  • Parse and modify HTML document.
  • Find tags (elements) on HTML with selectors just like jQuery.
  • Extract contents from HTML in a single line.
  • Export elements or a special node to a single file.
  • Supports HTML document with invalid structure.


You can use Composer to install this package to your project by running following command:

composer require zenthangplus/html-dom-parser

The minimum PHP version requirement is 5.6. If you are using PHP < 5.6, please use the original version.


The following example is the simple usage of this package:

$dom = \HTMLDomParser\DomFactory::load('<div class="container"><div class="anchor"><a href="#">Test</a></div></div>');
$a = $dom->findOne('.container a');
echo $a->text();
// Output: Test


Dom is the root Node of the HTML document.

You can load DOM from string or file.

$dom = \HTMLDomParser\DomFactory::load('<div>Test</div>');
$dom = \HTMLDomParser\DomFactory::loadFile('document.html');


Node is simply an HTML element that described as an object.

You can also load any Node (similar to Dom):

$node = \HTMLDomParser\NodeFactory::load('<div><a href="#">Test</a></div>');
$node = \HTMLDomParser\NodeFactory::loadFile('document.html');

Traversing the DOM

By using selectors like jQuery or CSS, you can traverse easy in the Dom or even in a Node.


$dom = \HTMLDomParser\DomFactory::loadFile('document.html');
$dom->find('#container .content ul>li a.external-link');
$dom->find('#container .content ul>li a[data-id=link-1]');

Similar to Dom, a Node also traversable:

$dom = \HTMLDomParser\DomFactory::loadFile('document.html');
$node = $dom->findOne('#container .content ul>li');
$anchorNode = $node->findOne('a.external-link');

// Even traverse in a separate Node
$node = \HTMLDomParser\NodeFactory::load('<ul class="list"><li>Item 1</li><li>Item 2</li></ul>');
$node->find('ul.list li');
List of supported selectors:
Selector example Description
div Find elements with the div tag
#container Find elements with the container id
.wrapper Find elements with the wrapper class
[data-id] Find elements with the data-id attribute
[data-id=12] Find elements with the attribute data-id=12
a[data-id=12] Find anchor tags with the attribute data-id=12
*[class] Find all elements with class attribute
a, img Find all anchors and images
a[title], img[title] Find all anchors and images with the title attribute
#container ul By using space between selectors, you can find nested elements
#container>ul By using > between selectors, you can find the closest children
#container, #side By using , between selectors, you can find elements by multiple selectors in one query
#container div.content ul>li, #side div[role=main] ul li You can combine selectors in one query
List of function you can use with above selectors:
Specific find functions:
Accessing the node's data:
Modifying the Node's data
Traversing the Node tree


A Simple HTML DOM parser written in PHP let you manipulate HTML in a easy way with selectors just like CSS or jQuery.



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