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Mailer package for Golang supports sending SMTP email using template
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Go Mailer

Mailer package for Golang supports sending SMTP email using html/template.


Run the following command to install this package:

$ go get -u


The following example will help you know how to use this package:

Note: Go to example directory to see more examples.

package main

import (

func main() {
    // 1. Create the email client
    client := gomailer.NewClient(
        "",     // Host
        465,                    // Port
        "<your-username>",      // Username
        "<your-password>",      // Password
        gomailer.EncryptionTls, // Encryption
    // 2. Create the template
    // The first argument is the template path
    // The second argument is the config for your template. 
    // Such as: LayoutFiles, LayoutDirectory, LayoutExtension (available when using LayoutDirectory).
    // These layout files will be included to your template.
    // @see
    template := gomailer.NewTemplate("template/welcome.html", &gomailer.TemplateConfig{
        LayoutDirectory: "template/layouts",
    // 3. Create the template data
    // You can use Map or Struct here. It is flexible.
    templateData := map[string]interface{}{
        "User": map[string]string{
            "FirstName": "Go",
            "LastName":  "Lang",
    // 4. Create the message using the template
    message, err := gomailer.NewTemplateMessage(&gomailer.Message{
        From:    gomailer.NewAddress("", "Example"),
        To:      []*gomailer.Address{{Address: ""}, {Address: ""}},
        Subject: "Welcome to GoMailer",
    }, template, templateData)
    if err != nil {
        fmt.Print("Err could not make template message: ", err)
    // 5. Try to send the message
    if err := client.Send(message); err != nil {
        fmt.Print("Err could not send mail: ", err)
    } else {
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