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Exploratory bookmark manager app.
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This app is over a year old and, despite myself, I've learned a ton about how I like to do things in that time, not to mention that ClojureScript is much nicer than I thought, and core.async pretty much fixes everything.

So, I'm going to move it from being a page oriented jQuery app to a full-fledge in-browser app starring ClojureScript.

The new things I'll figure out is how to do auth in that kind of context. The rest is relatively trivial (if painstaking in terms of UX).

~ Keith, Sept 2013

Book Web

This is a practice application to help me explore some of the webapp techniques I've been interested in for a while, the main one of which is how to use a bookmarklet.

What the App Does

Provides a simple bookmarking service. You join, sign-in, put a bookmarklet on your browser's bookmark bar, surf, surf, surf, then hit the bookmarklet when you want to bookmark a page. I imagine this is exactly like countless other very similar services. The difference? I wrote this one and expect to learn quite a bit from it.

You can read all you want about how things are done, and then you can do them. Two different things.

As it turns out, I think I have an actual use for this: I use a Mac at work, and a Mac at home, and I've synched bookmarks and reading-list links via iCloud. The links show up on my phone and iPad. Works great.

But I want to keep a clean separation between my work Mac and my home Mac. If I find something of interest at work, where do I put that link so I can get back to it at home? Could email it. Could use one of the admirable third party services out there. Or I could write my own solution.

Which is what this project aims to do.

Goals, To Do, Loose Ends

What I need to implement before I consider this application done.

  • Basic bookmarklet

  • Server side app, Clojure + Mongo

  • Authentication via persistent, encrypted cookie

  • Search bookmarks

  • Add bookmark

  • Proper keyboard intercepts (return, esc) for bookmarklet

  • Change your password/email stuff

  • Cool, no-fuss way to join website (capcha begone!)

  • Display bookmarks according to logged in user

  • Delete bookmark

  • Edit bookmark

  • Bookmark page should continuously update so you can see new bookmarks appear

  • BUG: if user changes email address, need to change it across bookmarks list.

  • Proper bookmarklet handling when requests are denied

  • Rename the app as "linx"

  • Create a generic key/value collection in Mongo for storing encryption keys, config stuff, stats, anything, really.

  • Store crypto key in mongo (thus the generic key/value store)

  • Proper file based configuration (just read in a JSON structure).

  • Make a silent movie demonstrating the app

  • Tidy up the server side code (but be sloppy until then).

I'll add more to the list as I figure out stuff I forgot, but "tidy up the code" will always be last.

Maintenance Issues

Stuff I don't have to finish to be done, but ought to finish over time.

  • Check proper CSS interference when the bookmark form is displayed on other pages. (How to I properly reset everything so the style's my own and doesn't interfere with host pages?) I can keep working on this as I encounter more and more pages.

  • Bullet-proofing form entries.

  • Sensible account change. Should be one form to change email address, another for password. It's kind of UX ugly to do both with the same form. But it works.

  • Proper error reporting when submitting a form results in a non-good server response.


Using the following technologies:

  • Mongo DB

  • Clojure

    • compojure
    • monger
    • hiccup
    • assorted other convenience libs (json, logging, digest, crypto)
  • Javascript

    • jQuery

Nothing too fancy. I picked these because they can get me up and prototyping about as quickly as possible, and because they use microframeworks, which I favor because they allow the problem I need to solve to dictate the shape the the solution, rather than the reverse.


Copyright © 2012 Zentrope

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

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