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Scott Hansford 3/13/2019 Javascript Assignment - Word Guess Game

*** Unsolved Bugs ***

  • issues with logging missed guessed keys
  • issues with the score calculating correctly
  • still allowing repeated missed-guesses into the array

I realized after spending a long amount of time fiddling with my game that I would have made my life far easier using functions. The day before the due date I attemped to make a second version utilizating more functions and haven't quite finished that part to my liking though I feel the practice is great for learning the fundamentals of creating my own functions, calling them, and dealing with scope issues, and I plan on finishing that version to replace my current 'finished version'.

I have included the progress I have made on writing the proper functions to make this game work in the 2 files titled, "newgame.html, newgame.js"

Overall I am turning in what I would call a 90% complete project simply to be on-time. I am in the process of refactoring my game to make use of function calls and to be more properly organized. I tried to make my game from the top down as basic as possible and simply ran into time issues while debugging. I think my problems would have been much easier to correct had I properly utlized functions and objects to run my game logic the first time. I am happy with how close I got, however, given the silly manner, given hindsight, that I was trying to do it in.

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