Staged Compared to Scripted

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This document lists the overlap in features between Staged, as implemented in Backstage, and Scripted mode for Exhibit 3.0. If a feature is not listed here, it will not carry over from Scripted to Staged. You may want to review differences between Exhibit 3.0 Scripted and Exhibit 2 as well.


Backstage implements the Tile View, though it will only show the first twenty items at a time. None of the controls (sorting fields, sort order, grouping) are available. A pagination feature is expected in the near future.


Backstage implements the List Facet, though any facet value with a count of one will be elided.

Lens Language

Backstage implements a subset of the lens language. Here is a list of the attributes Backstage will recognize:

  • if-exists
  • *-content
  • *-subcontent
  • *-style-content
  • *-style-subcontent

Expression Language

The bulk of the expression language in Exhibit is mostly implemented in Backstage:

  • Forward segments (.)
  • Backward segments (!)
  • if
  • if-exists


If you are not a developer, you'll need to wait for generated bookmarks to be fully implemented in the UI, which will be available when issue #32 is resolved.

If you are more developer-minded, you can generate a bookmark from the JavaScript console in your browser by calling Exhibit.Bookmark.generateBookmark() and copying out the result.


Backstage allows for subsets of the contents of its database to be grouped into collections, based on the following divisions:

  • All items (default)
  • Only items of one certain rdf:type
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