IRCGram is a complexly simple Telegram <-> IRC Gateway
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As exos wrote an enhancement replace of this application, I suggest you to try it: IRCGram++

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A complexly simple Telegram ↔ IRC gateway.


  • Supports multiple IRC channel ↔ Telegram group, with multiple users.
  • Telegram user -> irc user mapping (one connection per user joined to the group)

Quick start

Make sure you've installed Node.js.

  1. Set up your bot with BotFather
  2. Use the /setprivacy command with BotFather to allow your bot to see all messages in your group (NOTE on usage: bot name is preceded by @ sign and 'Disable' is case-sensitive)
  3. Install dependencies npm install
  4. Clone the repository git clone
  5. Run npm build && npm run info and invite the bot to the group, then you can grab the group_id
  6. Copy config.example.js to config.js and edit it: cd ircgram/ && cp src/config.example.js src/config.js && $EDITOR src/config.js configuring the token and bridges info.
  7. Start service npm run build && npm start