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comic release dates right in your google calendar! by brandon sachs

required modules

these are available using pip

  • requests
  • beautifulsoup4
  • google-api-python-client

how do i use this?

comical.py --add -p publisher -t title -u uri
  • uri?
comical.py --info
  • remove a comic
comical.py --remove -p publisher -t title
  • view your comics
comical.py --list
  • scan and import all comics
comical.py --scan
  • scan and import a single comic
comical.py --scan -p publisher -t title


  • after gathering release info, comiCal will launch a browser window prompting you to log in, and to allow calendar access.
  • comiCal creates a new calendar called "comiCal" to prevent cluttering your main calendar.
  • if you need to update a uri, you don't have to remove then re-add the comic; just re-add it, and it will overwrite the old value.
  • argument values are case-sensitive; superman is not Superman