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Simple Python script to grab FAQs for a particular game from
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# grab_gamefaqs                     

A simple, quick & dirty script, written in old-school Python, to grab the FAQs
of a particular game off of GameFAQs.


- Python 2.7, but older versions of Python will probably work as well. (The
  current version of the script will NOT work with Python 3.x.)


.(1).  Go to the FAQs page for a particular game, and copy the URL.

For example: []

.(2).  Feed this URL to, and specify an output directory:

  $ python loom

.(3).  That's it! All the FAQs found on the given page should now be written to
       the output directory, retaining their original names.

Note that some FAQs are *BIG*, and may require a minute or two to download,
especially on slower connections.

Also: kindly do not abuse this script. It is meant as a handy program to
quickly get all of a game's FAQs at once, not as a tool to scrape the whole
GameFAQs site.

UPDATE (version 1.2, 2015-05-24):

It seems this script no longer worked properly. I fixed the detection and
extraction of plain text files and images, and added support for custom

UPDATE (version 1.2.1, 2015-10-15):

Added -d switch which displays some debugging info.

Apparently GameFAQs changed their format again; files that used to be
accessible as plain text (ASCII) are now rendered as HTML pretending to be
ASCII. The original filename seems to be gone. As a result, these files are
now downloaded as HTML files with a meaningless name. :-/

The same happened to images, but I fixed this (since the original image name
is still available... for now anyway).

I am thinking of abandoning this script and writing one for NeoSeeker instead.

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