Zephyr Infrastructure and CI
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Zephyr Infrastructure

The Zephyr project uses the shippable CI infrastructure for CI and deployment of code, documentation and release deployment. For detailed information about the CI system visit http://docs.shippable.com/.

In the Zephyr project, the following repositories are used for creating the overall CI infrastructure:

Pipelines: https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/ci-pipelines
Used to define shippable jobs and resources and integrations.
Docker Files: https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/ci-dockerfiles
Used for build a Zephyr specific Docker image that can be used as the baseline for all CI jobs. This docker image has all needed Zephyr dependencies including SDK.
CI Tests: https://github.com/zephyrproject-rtos/ci-test
Used for daily CI builds that have full coverage (build and run).

The core of the CI system is the shippable.yml configuration available in every project to be tested in the CI system. The file defines the environment and has the needed scripting to run the Zephyr tests.