Zephyr SDK
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Run Status

Build Zephyr SDK

Build the SDK in Docker using poky-zephyr-sdk container, follow the instructions below:

$ cd $HOME
$ mkdir -p zephyr-sdk
$ git clone git@github.com:zephyrproject-rtos/meta-zephyr-sdk.git zephyr-sdk/meta-zephyr-sdk
$ docker run --privileged --rm -it -v $HOME/zephyr-sdk:/workdir crops/poky-zephyr-sdk --workdir=/workdir

Once in the container, clone the repos and build the SDK:

workdir$ ./meta-zephyr-sdk/scripts/meta-zephyr-sdk-clone.sh
workdir$ ./meta-zephyr-sdk/scripts/meta-zephyr-sdk-build.sh

When finished, the resulting SDK binary can be found under


For more info about container, please see: https://github.com/crops/poky-container