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CMSIS_5/CMSIS/RTOS2 CMSIS_5: Add RTOS2 from CMSIS_5 Nov 29, 2019
mbed-crypto mbed-crypto: Add mbed-crypto for TF-M build Nov 29, 2019
mbedtls mbedtls: Add mbedtls for TF-M Nov 29, 2019
psa-arch-tests psa-arch-tests: Add PSA arch tests repo Dec 2, 2019
tfm TF-M: Add TF-M it self Nov 29, 2019
README.rst doc: Update README Dec 5, 2019



Trusted Firmware M provides a reference implementation of secure world software for ARMv8-M. The TF-M itself is provided under a BSD-3-Clause.


The software implementation contained in this project is designed to be a reference implementation of the Platform Security Architecture (PSA). It currently does not implement all the features of that architecture, however we expect the code to evolve along with the specifications.

This module in Zephyr has include TF-M and it's dependencies, they are:

Commit: 4117e0353c55dce739f550515c5b007411142ba7
psa-arch-test :
Commit: b6220d145c5220ff0fc265703573d8365d7564b8
mbedtle 2.7.9:
Commit: 3187e7ca986fe199313343b0c810e41b543ef78a
mbed crypto 1.1.0:
Commit: 47f2de132936905d97a93e2ddf7f5237ab232fbe
Commit: 80cc44bba16cb4c8f495b7aa9709d41ac50e9529
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