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doc: intel_s1000: image download from Linux host

Documentation update to add instructions to download a
zephyr binary to the target from a Linux host

Signed-off-by: Sathish Kuttan <>
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sathishkuttan authored and nashif committed May 21, 2019
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Refer to :ref:`build_an_application` and :ref:`application_run` for
more details.

Downloading binary image

A Linux host connected to the SPI interface of the ``intel_s1000_crb`` board
can download a zephyr binary to RAM and execute the image.

.. code-block:: console

cd <app-dir>/build
sudo -E python3 \
$ZEPHYR_BASE/boards/xtensa/intel_s1000_crb/support/ \

The script depends on a few python modules. These dependencies can be installed
on the Linux host using the command below.

.. code-block:: console

pip3 install --user pyyaml python-periphery hashlib bitstruct

Setting up UART

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