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CODEOWNERS: Add ownership for SAM0 I2C driver

Add myself as owner for the SAM0 I2C driver.

Signed-off-by: Derek Hageman <>
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Sizurka authored and nashif committed Apr 29, 2019
1 parent 46730e1 commit 1892c67b261e8fd773f628d32d19ca63078cc533
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@@ -141,6 +141,7 @@
/drivers/usb/device/usb_dc_stm32.c @ydamigos @loicpoulain
/drivers/i2c/i2c_ll_stm32* @ldts @ydamigos
/drivers/i2c/i2c_rv32m1_lpi2c* @henrikbrixandersen
/drivers/i2c/*sam0* @Sizurka
/drivers/wifi/ @jukkar @tbursztyka @pfalcon
/drivers/wifi/eswifi/ @loicpoulain
/dts/arm/atmel/samr21.dtsi @benpicco

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