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doc: intel_s1000: install the license key manually

Updated the doc to add how to install the license key manually.

Signed-off-by: Steven Wang <>
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LeiW000 authored and nashif committed Jun 17, 2019
1 parent 46cd5a0 commit 1b44f7ecdfb2fb3537e0b00c5aea4a111376724c
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@@ -125,6 +125,12 @@ software keys you have downloaded from `Tensilica Tools for Sue Creek`_
follow what the license manager expects or create a dedicated ethernet device
for this to work.

On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, you can install the license key manually with

.. code-block:: console

cp sue-creek-SDK-license.dat <path to SDK>/XtDevTools/install/tools/RF-2016.4-linux/XtensaTools/Tools/lic/license.dat"

After the tool chain is successfully installed, the core build needs to be
installed as follows

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