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CODEOWNERS: Clarify behaviour

Clarify the last matching rule, as it is not too intuitive
(developers may have expected that all matching regexes would
be added as code owners)

Signed-off-by: Alberto Escolar Piedras <>
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aescolar authored and nashif committed Jun 15, 2019
1 parent 3e56c2c commit 36627605ec532341ac86cd640cd48bb5b40d1c29
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@@ -1,7 +1,14 @@
# CODEOWNERS for autoreview assigning in github

# Order is important; the last matching pattern takes the most
# precedence.

# Order is important; for each modified file, the last matching
# pattern takes the most precedence.
# That is, with the last pattern being
# *.rst @dbkinder
# if only .rst files are being modified, only dbkinder is
# automatically requested for review, but you can manually
# add others as needed.

# Do not use wildcard on all source yet
# * @galak @nashif

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