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doc: dts: Add more information to .dtsi example

 - Explain what it means to enable nodes (and for a node to be disabled)
   with some sample code from the .dts(i) files

 - Explain the '&foo { ... }' syntax

 - Linkify files with :zephyr_path:

 - Simplify and shorten wording a bit

Signed-off-by: Ulf Magnusson <>
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ulfalizer authored and galak committed Jul 25, 2019
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@@ -154,22 +154,53 @@ a given SoC family.
Example: FRDM K64F Board and Hexiwear K64

Both of these boards are based on the same NXP Kinetis SoC family, the K6X. The
following shows the include hierarchy for both boards.
.. Give the filenames instead of the full paths below, as it's easier to read.
The cramped 'foo.dts<path>' style avoids extra spaces before commas.
boards/arm/frdm_k64f/frdm_k64f.dts includes the following files::
These boards are defined in :zephyr_file:`frdm_k64fs.dts
<boards/arm/frdm_k64f/frdm_k64f.dts>` and :zephyr_file:`hexiwear_k64.dts
<boards/arm/hexiwear_k64/hexiwear_k64.dts>`. They are based on the same NXP
Kinetis SoC family, the K6X.

Common definitions for K6X are stored in :zephyr_file:`nxp_k6x.dtsi
<dts/arm/nxp/nxp_k6x.dtsi>`, which is included by both board :file:`.dts`
files. :zephyr_file:`nxp_k6x.dtsi<dts/arm/nxp/nxp_k6x.dtsi>` in turn includes
:zephyr_file:`armv7-m.dtsi<dts/arm/armv7-m.dtsi>`, which has common
definitions for ARMv7-M-based systems.

boards/arm/hexiwear_k64/hexiwear_k64.dts includes the same files::
Since :zephyr_file:`nxp_k6x.dtsi<dts/arm/nxp/nxp_k6x.dtsi>` is meant to be
generic across K6X-based boards, it leaves many devices disabled by default.
For example, there is a CAN controller defined as follows (with unimportant
parts skipped):

.. code-block:: none

can0: can@40024000 {
status = "disabled";

It is up to the board :file:`.dts` files to enable devices (by setting
``status = "okay"``). The board :file:`.dts` files are also responsible for any
board-specific configuration of the device.

For example, FRDM K64 (but not Hexiwear K64) enables the CAN controller, also
setting the bus speed:

.. code-block:: none

&can0 {
status = "okay";
bus-speed = <125000>;

The ``&can0 { ... };`` syntax adds/overrides properties on the node with label
``can0``, i.e. the ``can@4002400`` node.

The board-specific .dts files enable nodes, define the Zephyr-specific items,
and also adds board-specific changes like gpio/pinmux assignments. These types
of things will vary based on the board layout and application use.
Other examples of board-specific customization is pointing properties in
``aliases`` and ``chosen`` to the right nodes (see :ref:`dt-alias-chosen`), and
making GPIO/PinMux assignments.

Currently supported boards

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