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doc: usb: Remove old API documentation

Fix documentation build removing old API tags.

Signed-off-by: Andrei Emeltchenko <>
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finikorg authored and nashif committed May 7, 2019
1 parent 3f13079 commit 4d2b7f613f47dfe3fed7919180b619ce74880697
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  1. +1 −16 doc/reference/usb/index.rst
@@ -95,22 +95,7 @@ USB Device configuration structure:
:end-before: usb.rst device config data end

For the Composite USB Device configuration is done by composite layer,

.. literalinclude:: ../../../subsys/usb/class/loopback.c
:language: c
:start-after: usb.rst configure USB controller start
:end-before: usb.rst configure USB controller end

To enable the USB device for host/device connection:

.. literalinclude:: ../../../subsys/usb/class/loopback.c
:language: c
:start-after: usb.rst enable USB controller start
:end-before: usb.rst enable USB controller end
Configuration of USB Device is done in the stack layer.

The vendor device requests are forwarded by the USB stack core driver to the
class driver through the registered class handler.

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