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arch: arm: fp sharing: save & restore FP registers in context-switch

When in Sharing Floating Point Services mode we want to
dynamically save and restore the FP registers in thread
context switch, depending on whether the swapped-in and
swapped-out threads are currently using the FP registers.
This commit adds this functionality to the ARM context
switch mechanism. The logic consists of inspecting the
corresponding status flag (present in thread.arch.mode)
to decide whether to save or restore the FP registers.

Signed-off-by: Ioannis Glaropoulos <>
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ioannisg authored and nashif committed Apr 26, 2019
1 parent 358d389 commit 4f4b23b449a638216c583c0dc34ff6fce5062bac
Showing with 43 additions and 0 deletions.
  1. +43 −0 arch/arm/core/swap_helper.S
@@ -80,8 +80,24 @@ SECTION_FUNC(TEXT, __pendsv)
stmia r0, {v1-v8, ip}
/* Assess whether switched-out thread had been using the FP registers. */
ldr r0, =0x10 /* EXC_RETURN.F_Type Mask */
tst lr, r0 /* EXC_RETURN & EXC_RETURN.F_Type_Msk */
beq out_fp_active
/* FP context inactive: clear FP state */
ldr r0, [r2, #_thread_offset_to_mode]
bic r0, #0x4 /* _current->arch.mode &= ~(CONTROL_FPCA_Msk) */
b out_fp_endif

/* FP context active: set FP state and store callee-saved registers */
add r0, r2, #_thread_offset_to_preempt_float
vstmia r0, {s16-s31}
ldr r0, [r2, #_thread_offset_to_mode]
orrs r0, r0, #0x4 /* _current->arch.mode |= CONTROL_FPCA_Msk */

str r0, [r2, #_thread_offset_to_mode]
#endif /* CONFIG_FP_SHARING */
#error Unknown ARM architecture
@@ -179,8 +195,35 @@ _thread_irq_disabled:
msr BASEPRI, r0

/* Assess whether switched-in thread had been using the FP registers. */
ldr r0, [r2, #_thread_offset_to_mode]
tst r0, #0x04 /* thread.arch.mode & CONTROL.FPCA Msk */
bne in_fp_active
/* FP context inactive for swapped-in thread:
* - reset FPSCR to 0
* - set EXC_RETURN.F_Type (prevents FP frame un-stacking when returning
* from pendSV)
movs.n r3, #0
vmsr fpscr, r3
orrs lr, lr, #0x10 /* EXC_RETURN & EXC_RETURN.F_Type_Msk */
b in_fp_endif

/* FP context active:
* - clear EXC_RETURN.F_Type
* - FPSCR and caller-saved registers will be restored automatically
* - restore callee-saved FP registers
bic lr, #0x10 /* EXC_RETURN | (~EXC_RETURN.F_Type_Msk) */
add r0, r2, #_thread_offset_to_preempt_float
vldmia r0, {s16-s31}
/* Clear CONTROL.FPCA that may have been set by FP instructions */
mrs r3, CONTROL
bic r3, #0x4 /* CONTROL.FPCA Msk */
msr CONTROL, r3

#if defined (CONFIG_ARM_MPU)

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