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drivers/i2c: Add missing HAS_DTS_I2C to sbcon

The ARM SBCON I2C driver supported DTS, but missed HAS_DTS_I2C in
Kconfig for it.

Signed-off-by: Kumar Gala <>
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galak authored and nashif committed Jun 13, 2019
1 parent 404ac51 commit 4f714d382294493f83c480d7b1b31653c69aabb5
Showing with 1 addition and 0 deletions.
  1. +1 −0 drivers/i2c/Kconfig.sbcon
@@ -8,3 +8,4 @@ menuconfig I2C_SBCON
bool "I2C driver for ARM's SBCon two-wire serial bus interface"
depends on ARM
select I2C_BITBANG
select HAS_DTS_I2C

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