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doc: fix coverage report documentation

This had numerous problems, but should now be working
end-to-end and produce correct reports with gcovr 4.1.
Use of sanitycheck is now much clearer.

Signed-off-by: Andrew Boie <>
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andrewboie committed Jun 7, 2019
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@@ -44,25 +44,39 @@ To report the coverage for the particular test application set :option:`CONFIG_C
Steps to generate code coverage reports

1. Build the code with CONFIG_COVERAGE=y::
These steps will produce an HTML coverage report for a single application.

1. Build the code with CONFIG_COVERAGE=y. Some boards like qemu_x86_coverage
automatically enable this, but for boards that do not you will need to
enable the configuration manually::

$ cmake -DBOARD=mps2_an385 -DCONFIG_COVERAGE=y ..
$ make

#. Store the build and run output on to a log file::
#. Capture the emulator output into a log file. You may need to terminate
the emulator with :kbd:`Ctrl-A X` for this to complete after the coverage dump
has been printed::

$ make run > log.log
$ make run | tee log.log

#. Generate the gcov gcda files from the log file that was saved::
#. Generate the gcov ``.gcda`` and ``.gcno`` files from the log file that was

$ python3 scripts/ -i log.log

#. Find the gcov binary placed in the SDK::
#. Find the gcov binary placed in the SDK. You will need to pass the path to
the gcov binary for the appropriate architecture when you later invoke

$ find $ZEPHYR_SDK_INSTALL_DIR -iregex ".*gcov"

$ find -iregex ".*gcov"
#. Create an output directory for the reports::

#. Run gcovr to get the reports::
$ mkdir -p gcov_report

$ gcovr -r . --html -o gcov_report/coverage.html --html-details --gcov-executable <gcov_path_in_SDK>
#. Run ``gcovr`` to get the reports::

$ gcovr -r $ZEPHYR_BASE . --html -o gcov_report/coverage.html --html-details --gcov-executable <gcov_path_in_SDK>

.. _coverage_posix:

@@ -112,6 +126,17 @@ For example you may run::

which will produce ``sanity-out/coverage/index.html`` with the report.

For emulated targets you will need to pass the correct ``gcov`` binary from
the SDK, the default of using the ``gcov`` found in the default path is likely
not going to work. For example, to produce reports using the
``qemu_x86_coverage`` target::

$ sanitycheck --coverage --coverage-platform=qemu_x86_coverage -p qemu_x86_coverage --gcov-tool $ZEPHYR_SDK_INSTALL_DIR/i586-zephyr-elf/bin/i586-zephyr-elf-gcov

You can find the paths to all the ``gcov`` binaries in the SDK with::

$ find $ZEPHYR_SDK_INSTALL_DIR -iregex ".*gcov"

.. _gcov:

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