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tests: benchmarks: timing_info: fix start of swap time

In all architectures, except x86, __start_swap_time is directly
updated by function read_timer_start_of_swap(), and it shall not
be registered via __temp_start_swap_time.

Signed-off-by: Ioannis Glaropoulos <>
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ioannisg authored and nashif committed Apr 29, 2019
1 parent 75276a7 commit 9a31f28b80dc0336ce2fe5a9278790d7af45d0b3
Showing with 6 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +6 −1 tests/benchmarks/timing_info/src/thread_bench.c
@@ -144,8 +144,13 @@ void system_thread_bench(void)
thread_abort_end_time = (__common_var_swap_end_time);
__end_swap_time = __common_var_swap_end_time;
#if defined(CONFIG_X86) || defined(CONFIG_X86_64)
__start_swap_time = __temp_start_swap_time;

/* In the rest of ARCHes read_timer_start_of_swap() has already
* registered the time-stamp of the start of context-switch in
* __start_swap_time.
u32_t total_swap_cycles = __end_swap_time - __start_swap_time;

/* Interrupt latency*/

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