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west: gui: Updated lvgl revision

Updated lvgl revision to take in fix for 16-bit color space swap.

Fixes #17816

Signed-off-by: Jan Van Winkel <>
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vanwinkeljan authored and ioannisg committed Jul 28, 2019
1 parent e78b61b commit 9d2669f17e3a4cfc3b3c436c07febb6b9a740d18
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@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ manifest:
revision: 45e630d6152824f807d3f919958605c4626cbdff
path: modules/hal/libmetal
- name: lvgl
revision: c43a2bbe52cc803d12bc12888b38105cf1e179d0
revision: a4626e82781aecec137250f56d79961ca2f50b7b
path: modules/lib/gui/lvgl
- name: mbedtls
revision: ca32746072ce3381f1c9ae46ba6cd34c69f8c0ee

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