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kconfiglib/menuconfig: Various behavior/UI improvements

Update Kconfiglib and menuconfig to upstream revision 90c5573c19, to get
these commits in:

    Warn for unquoted argument to 'source', etc.

    Print a warning suggesting to add quotes for things like

      source foo/bar/Kconfig
      menu title
      prompt unquoted

    Example warning:

      Kconfig:32: warning: style: quotes recommended around
      'lib/Kconfig.debug' in 'source lib/Kconfig.debug'

    That quoteless syntax is supported for compatibility with old
    versions of the C tools. It only works for a single word.


    menuconfig: Include all parents in menu paths

    Previously, symbols not defined with 'menuconfig' with children
    weren't listed in the children's menu paths. It was deliberate, but
    it's probably an anti-feature in retrospect, because it can make it
    harder to find stuff by following the menu path.

    Don't try to be clever and just list all the parent nodes in the
    menu path.


    menuconfig: Fix display issue for optional-prompt menuconfigs

    _shown_nodes() needs to check whether invisible 'menuconfig' symbols
    with optional prompts have visible children, so that they can be
    shown outside show-all mode. Previously, only 'config' symbols were


    menuconfig: Remember last saved/loaded path and improve

    Remember the last path that was manually saved/loaded instead of
    reverting back to standard_config_filename() (e.g. .config).

    Remember the path to the last saved minimal configuration separately
    as well.

    Also improve the _conf_changed behavior when loading a .config
    within the interface. Instead of always treating it as needing to be
    saved, check if it's outdated, like for the .config file loaded on

    Also make the exit message ("No changes to save", etc.) always
    include the target .config file, which is helpful. Previously, only
    the save message did.

Signed-off-by: Ulf Magnusson <>
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ulfalizer authored and nashif committed Mar 18, 2019
1 parent 9964cf2 commit aec74f692c822ff5ed15ae3b9ace9315f68dbf75
Showing with 463 additions and 306 deletions.
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