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arch: arc: optimize the push and pop of fast irq

use macro to replace pop/push instructions

Signed-off-by: Wayne Ren <>
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vonhust authored and galak committed Mar 15, 2019
1 parent 378ef0b commit b444de8887fccdfee08039d2d52b6d3ebf1f8629
Showing with 6 additions and 65 deletions.
  1. +1 −30 arch/arc/core/fast_irq.S
  2. +5 −35 arch/arc/core/isr_wrapper.S
@@ -175,37 +175,8 @@ _firq_no_reschedule:
* instruction instead of a pair of cmp and bxx
add sp,sp,4 /* don't need r0 from stack */
pop_s r1
pop_s r2
pop_s r3
pop r4
pop r5
pop r6
pop r7
pop r8
pop r9
pop r10
pop r11
pop_s r12
pop_s r13
pop_s blink
pop_s r0
sr r0, [_ARC_V2_LP_END]
pop_s r0
sr r0, [_ARC_V2_LP_START]
pop_s r0
mov lp_count,r0
pop_s r0
sr r0, [_ARC_V2_EI_BASE]
pop_s r0
sr r0, [_ARC_V2_LDI_BASE]
pop_s r0
sr r0, [_ARC_V2_JLI_BASE]
ld r0,[saved_r0]
add sp,sp,8 /* don't need ilink & status32_po from stack */

@@ -81,9 +81,6 @@ IRQ stack frame layout:
low address
Registers not taken into account in the current implementation.
@@ -240,40 +237,13 @@ SECTION_FUNC(TEXT, _isr_wrapper)
bnz rirq_path
/* 1-register bank FIRQ handling must save registers on stack */
lr r0,[_ARC_V2_STATUS32_P0]
push_s r0
lr r0, [_ARC_V2_STATUS32_P0]
st_s r0, [sp, ___isf_t_status32_OFFSET]
mov r0,ilink
push_s r0
lr r0, [_ARC_V2_JLI_BASE]
push_s r0
lr r0, [_ARC_V2_LDI_BASE]
push_s r0
lr r0, [_ARC_V2_EI_BASE]
push_s r0
mov r0,lp_count
push_s r0
lr r0, [_ARC_V2_LP_START]
push_s r0
lr r0, [_ARC_V2_LP_END]
push_s r0
push_s blink
push_s r13
push_s r12
push r11
push r10
push r9
push r8
push r7
push r6
push r5
push r4
push_s r3
push_s r2
push_s r1
st_s r0, [sp, ___isf_t_pc_OFFSET]
ld r0,[saved_r0]
push_s r0
st_s r0, [sp, ___isf_t_r0_OFFSET]
mov r3, _firq_exit
mov r2, _firq_enter
j_s [r2]

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