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doc: update coverage documentation

The sanitycheck defaults have changed, and the same options
work for emulators and native_posix.

Signed-off-by: Andrew Boie <>
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Sanitycheck coverage reports

When targeting boards based on the POSIX architecture,
Zephyr's :ref:`sanitycheck script <sanitycheck_script>` can automatically
generate a coverage report from the tests which were executed.
You just need to invoke it with the ``-C`` command line option.
You just need to invoke it with the ``--coverage`` command line option.

For example you may run::
For example, you may invoke::

$ sanitycheck -p native_posix -T tests/kernel -C
$ sanitycheck --coverage -p qemu_x86 -T tests/kernel

which will produce ``sanity-out/coverage/index.html`` with the report.

For emulated targets you will need to pass the correct ``gcov`` binary from
the SDK, the default of using the ``gcov`` found in the default path is likely
not going to work. For example, to produce reports using the
``qemu_x86_coverage`` target::

$ sanitycheck --coverage --coverage-platform=qemu_x86_coverage -p qemu_x86_coverage --gcov-tool $ZEPHYR_SDK_INSTALL_DIR/i586-zephyr-elf/bin/i586-zephyr-elf-gcov
$ sanitycheck --coverage -p native_posix -T tests/bluetooth

You can find the paths to all the ``gcov`` binaries in the SDK with::

$ find $ZEPHYR_SDK_INSTALL_DIR -iregex ".*gcov"
which will produce ``sanity-out/coverage/index.html`` with the report.

.. _gcov:

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