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doc/reference/storage/settings: storage behavior description

Elaborated on storage mechanism usage and key-value version
garbage collection.

Signed-off-by: Andrzej Puzdrowski <>
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@@ -97,6 +97,28 @@ After all data is loaded, the ``h_commit`` handler is issued,
signalling the application that the settings were successfully

Storing data to persistent storage

A call to ``settings_save_one()`` uses a backend implementation to store
settings data to the storage medium. A call to ``settings_save()`` uses an
``h_export`` implementation to store different data in one operation using
A key need to be covered by a ``h_export`` only if it is supposed to be stored
by ``settings_save()`` call.

For both FCB and filesystem back-end only storage requests with data which
changes most actual key's value are stored, therefore there is no need to check
whether a value changed by the application. Such a storage mechanism implies
that storage can contain multiple value assignments for a key , while only the
last is the current value for the key.

Garbage collection
When storage becomes full (FCB) or consumes too much space (file system),
the backend removes non-recent key-value pairs records and unnecessary
key-delete records.

Example: Device Configuration

@@ -217,4 +239,3 @@ The Settings subsystem APIs are provided by ``settings.h``:

.. doxygengroup:: settings
:project: Zephyr

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