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tests: flash_map: configure MPU to allow flash writes on twr_ke18f

Configure the NXP MPU to allow flash writes when running the flash_map

This fixes #16224.

Signed-off-by: Henrik Brix Andersen <>
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henrikbrixandersen authored and MaureenHelm committed May 31, 2019
1 parent 82d703d commit fd3d4156d607e7cdb63be65d1505302933d03c68
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  1. +1 −0 tests/subsys/storage/flash_map/testcase.yaml
@@ -5,4 +5,5 @@ tests:
extra_args: OVERLAY_CONFIG=overlay-mpu.conf
platform_whitelist: nrf52840_pca10056 nrf52_pca10040 frdm_k64f hexiwear_k64
tags: flash_map

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