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boards/x86/up_squared: update documentation to include HSUART info

Describe how to use devicetree to enable HSUART features on up_squared.

Signed-off-by: Charles Youse <>
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Charles Youse authored and andrewboie committed Apr 19, 2019
1 parent f73e157 commit fdf973de71ba374f47a1b51f355a57456ef1ecbb
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@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@ This board supports the following hardware features:

* Advanced Programmed Interrupt Controller (APIC)

* Serial Ports in Polling and Interrupt Driven Modes
* Serial Ports in Polling and Interrupt Driven Modes, High-Speed


@@ -79,16 +79,51 @@ This board supports the following hardware features:

The Zephyr kernel currently does not support other hardware features.

Serial Port Polling Mode Support
Serial Port Support

Serial port I/O is supported in both polling and interrupt-driven modes.

Baud rates beyond 115.2kbps (up to 3.6864Mbps) are supported, with additional
configuration. The UARTs are fed a master clock which is fed into a PLL which
in turn outputs the baud master clock. The PLL is controlled by a per-UART
32-bit register called ``PRV_CLOCK_PARAMS`` (aka the ``PCP``), the format of
which is:

| [31] | [30:16] | [15:1] | [0] |
| enable | ``m`` | ``n`` | toggle |

The polling mode serial port allows debug output to be printed.
The resulting baud master clock frequency is ``(n/m)`` * master.

Serial Port Interrupt Mode Support
On the UP^2, the master clock is 100MHz, and the firmware by default sets
the ``PCP`` to ``0x3d090240``, i.e., ``n = 288``, ``m = 15625``, which
results in the de-facto standard 1.8432MHz master clock and a max baud rate
of 115.2k. Higher baud rates are enabled by changing the PCP and telling
Zephyr what the resulting master clock is.

Use devicetree to set the value of the ``PRV_CLOCK_PARAMS`` register in
the UART block of interest. Typically an overlay ``up_squared.overlay``
would be present in the application directory, and would look something
like this:

.. code-block:: console

The interrupt mode serial port provides general serial communication
and external communication.
/ {
soc {
uart@0 {
pcp = <0x3d090900>;
clock-frequency = <7372800>;
current-speed = <230400>;

The relevant variables are ``pcp`` (the value to use for ``PRV_CLOCK_PARAMS``),
and ``clock-frequency`` (the resulting baud master clock). The meaning of
``current-speed`` is unchanged, and as usual indicates the initial baud rate.

Interrupt Controller

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