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docs: update west sign docs

Updates for recent changes.

Signed-off-by: Marti Bolivar <>
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mbolivar authored and nashif committed Jun 13, 2019
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@@ -35,25 +35,33 @@ Some additional notes follow. See ``west sign -h`` for detailed help.
- If you don't have your own signing key and have a default MCUboot build, use
``--key path/to/mcuboot/root-rsa-2048.pem``.
- By default, the output files produced by ``west sign`` are named
:file:`zephyr.signed.bin` and :file:`zephyr.signed.hex`. You can control this
using the ``-B`` and ``-H`` options, e.g.:
:file:`zephyr.signed.bin` and :file:`zephyr.signed.hex` and are created in the
build directory next to the unsigned :file:`zephyr.bin` and :file:`zephyr.hex`

You can control this using the ``-B`` and ``-H`` options, e.g. this would
create :file:`my-signed.bin` and :file:`my-signed.hex` in the current working
directory instead:

.. code-block:: console

west sign -t imgtool -B my-signed.bin -H my-signed.hex [...]

Example build flow

For reference, here is an example showing how to build :ref:`hello_world` for
MCUboot using ``west``:

.. code-block:: console

west build -b YOUR_BOARD samples/hello_world -- -DCONFIG_BOOTLOADER_MCUBOOT=y
west sign -t imgtool -- --key YOUR_SIGNING_KEY.pem
west flash --hex-file zephyr.signed.hex
west flash --hex-file build/zephyr/zephyr.signed.hex

Availability of a hex file depends on your build configuration.
The availability of a hex file, and whether ``west flash`` uses it to flash,
depends on your board and build configuration. At least the west flash runners
using ``nrfjprog`` and ``pyocd`` work with the above flow.

.. _MCUboot:

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