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@MaureenHelm MaureenHelm released this Sep 24, 2020

Alexander Kozhinov (1):
      samples: hello_world: cmake warning

Alexandre Bourdiol (5):
      soc: arm: st_stm32: stm32f0: take into account SW_VECTOR_RELAY
      tests: kernel: mem_protect: syscalls: FAULTY_ADDRESS for nucleo_l073rz
      boards: arm: b_l4s5i_iot01a: leds are active high
      tests: kernel: timer: timer_api: tick align for test_timer_k_define
      tests: kernel: timer: timer_api: reorder test_timer_remaining step

Anas Nashif (6):
      samples: tracing: print out useful information
      tracing: fix empty thread name
      samples: synchronisation: handle empty thread name
      tracing: x86_64: move switched_in to switch function
      tracing: handle null thread names with systemview
      actions: increase stale operations

Andrew Boie (3):
      x86-64: fix thread tracing
      doc: releasenotes: mem pool deprecation
      tests: exception: fix thread entry points

Andrzej Głąbek (1):
      modules/Kconfig.nordic: Do not select HAS_CMSIS_CORE through HAS_NRFX

Andrzej Puzdrowski (1):
      include/storage/flash_map: describe return values of flash_area_open()

Armando Visconti (2):
      drivers/sensor/lsm6dsl: Fix read/write bus API in shub code
      drivers: sensor: hts221: Add checks for drdy_gpios macros

Carles Cufi (1):
      kernel: Deprecate CONFIG_MULTITHREADING

Daniel Leung (4):
      tests: x86/pagetables: skip table dumping if large memory
      tests: thread_apis: move uptime gathering in join scenario
      tests: portability/cmsis_rtos_v2: skip up_squared
      samples: cmsis_rtos_v1: philosophers: skip up_squared

David Komel (2):
      drivers: net: slip: Allow slip to co-exist with other interfaces
      net: tcp2: fix sysworkq corruption in tcp_conn_unref()

David Leach (1):
      test: power: Remove frdm_k64f platform from allowed list

Dominik Ermel (1):
      storage: flash_map: Unify partition processing macros name

Emil Gydesen (4):
      Bluetooth: Host: Fix PA sync cancel scan update
      Bluetooth: Host: Change PA sync scan to fast scan
      Bluetooth: Shell: PA sync terminate callback clears entry
      Bluetooth: Shell: Fix PA shell command parameter cnt

Emil Obalski (1):
      tests: shell: Correct overlay extension

Eric Johnson (3):
      sys: byteorder: Fix incorrect shift in sys_get_be48/le48
      tests: kernel: common: Add tests for 48-bit byteorder functions
      tests: kernel: common: Add tests for 24-bit byteorder functions

Erik Brockhoff (1):
      bluetooth: controller: fix mark/unmark error in ull_adv::disable

Erwan Gouriou (1):
      boards: nucleo_l552ze_q: Fix connectors image

Flavio Ceolin (2):
      doc: release notes: Update security notes for 2.4
      codeowners: Add owners to security documentation

Gerard Marull-Paretas (1):
      lib: gui: lvgl: fix touch point rotation equations

Gerson Fernando Budke (2):
      dts: arm: atmel: sam4l: Fix pinctrl typo
      samples: net: echo_server: Decrease buffer for atsamr21_xpro

Hake Huang (1):
      board: update rt6xx series sram mapping

Henrik Brix Andersen (2):
      boards: arm: arty: note which boards can use the pre-built bitstream
      doc: release: 2.4: add sensor_attr_get() in release notes

Ievgenii Meshcheriakov (4):
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_nrf: Name flash sync choice
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_nrf: Rename config option SOC_FLASH_NRF_RADIO_SYNC
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_nrf: Enable ticker radio sync only with Zephyr LL
      drivers/flash/soc_flash_nrf: Remove blank lines at the end of config files

Ilya Averyanov (1):
      Bluetooth: fix strncpy call in bt_set_name

Ioannis Glaropoulos (6):
      arch: arm: cortex_m: cleanup SW_VECTOR_RELAY_CLIENT dependencies
      modules: tfm: make BL2 header in non-secure image configurable
      boards: mps2_an521: do not offset the image by default by 0x400.
      boards: arm: musca_b1: do not offset the image by default by 0x400.
      boards: nucleo_l552ze_q: do not offset the image by default by 0x400.
      tests: explicitly disable HW Stack Protection when needed

Joakim Andersson (2):
      Bluetooth: SMP: Move le_sc_supported helper function up
      Bluetooth: host: Fix stuck OOB get local functions SC is not supported

Johan Hedberg (1):
      x86: pcie: Fix calling pcie_mm_init()

Johann Fischer (1):
      drivers: eth_enc424j600: initialize device pointer

Jukka Rissanen (8):
      net: conn: Ignore unhandled IPv4 broadcast packets
      net: pkt: Add net_pkt_is_empty() util function
      net: Drop incoming packet if there is no data in it
      net: gptp: Allow user to tweak priority1 and priority2 values
      net: gptp: Print priority1 and priority2 vars in net-shell
      tests: net: tcp2: Fix crash in frdm_k64f
      net: DHCPv4 needs UDP to work properly
      net: tcp2: Access k_work in k_delayed_work using field name

Julien D'Ascenzio (1):
      soc: arm: stm32[l4|wb]: fix power state exit

Krzysztof Chruscinski (1):
      drivers: clock_control: nrf: Fix waiting for LF clock

Kumar Gala (3):
      net: tcp2: Fix build failures on 64-bit platforms
      ci: double number of builders for daily build
      doc: release: 2.4: Add notes about devicetree related changes

Lauren Murphy (1):
      doc: Clarify semantics of k_msgq_put

Lingao Meng (1):
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix send input_complete before public key

Luiz Augusto von Dentz (4):
      Bluetooth: GATT: Fix assuming CCC position
      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Document behavior of alloc_buf
      Bluetooth: L2CAP: Truncate RX MTU if segmentation is not supported

Maksim Masalski (1):
      tests: arch: x86 mem protection check CPU scrubs regs after syscall

Marek Porwisz (1):
      net: openthread: Fix stack overflow for joiner

Maureen Helm (3):
      doc: release: Add 2.4.0 highlights
      doc: release: Add NXP SoCs, boards, and drivers to 2.4.0 notes
      release: Zephyr 2.4.0-rc3

Peter Bigot (2):
      logging: avoid null pointer dereference in loop
      tests: kernel/sleep: increase maximum threshold for nRF51

Ryan Erickson (1):
      doc: release notes: mention Pinnacle 100 board addition

Siddharth Chandrasekaran (1):
      board: stm32_min_dev: Fix LED0 connection inversion

Stephan Walter (1):
      drivers: nrf_qspi: fix devicetree opcode references

Torsten Rasmussen (2):
      cmake: fix zephyr_get_system_include_directories_for_lang() function
      west.yml: update openthread module

Trond Einar Snekvik (1):
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Provisioning: Reject identical random

Vinayak Kariappa Chettimada (3):
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix REJECT_IND PDU handling
      Bluetooth: controller: nRF53x: Fix missing sw_switch clear DPPI config
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix redundant PDU transmission

Wentong Wu (2):
      tests: kernel: mem_map: Explicitly cast function pointer to (void *)
      arch: x86: mmu: use z_x86_kernel_ptables as array.

Øyvind Rønningstad (3):
      arm: tz: secure_entry_functions.ld: Fix NSC_ALIGN redefinition
      arm: tz: secure_entry_functions.ld: Fix NSC_ALIGN for nRF devices
      cortex_m: secure_entry_functions.ld: Increase SAU alignment to 32
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