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We are pleased to announce the release of Zephyr kernel version 1.6.0.
This release introduces the unified Kernel replacing the separate nano-
and micro-kernels and simplifying the overall Zephyr architecture and
programming interfaces. Support for the ARM Cortex-M0/M0+ family was
added and board support for Cortex-M was expanded. Additionally, this
release adds many improvements for documentation, build infrastructure,
and testing.

Major enhancements included with the release:

  • Introduced the Unified Kernel; the nano and micro kernel
    were removed.
  • The legacy API is still supported but deprecated.
  • Legacy tests and samples were moved to tests/legacy
    and samples/legacy.
  • Unified kernel documentation was added and legacy
    nanokernel/microkernel documentation was removed.
  • Added support for several ARM Cortex-M boards
  • Added support for USB mass storage and access to the filesystem.
  • Added native Bluetooth Controller support. Currently nRF51 & nRF52
    are supported.

A detailed list of changes since v1.5.0 by component follows:


  • Introduced the unified kernel.
  • Removed deprecated Tasks IRQs.
  • Removed deprecated dynamic interrupt API.
  • Added DLIST to operate in all elements of a doubly-linked list.
  • SLIST: Added sys_slist_get() to fetch and remove the head, also
    Added append_list and merge_slist.
  • Added nano_work_pending to check if it is pending execution.
  • Unified: Added support for k_malloc and k_free.
  • Renamed kernel objects event to alert and memory map to memory slab.
  • Changed memory pool, memory maps, message queues and event
    handling APIs.


  • ARC: Unified linker scripts.
  • ARC: Removed dynamic interrupts.
  • ARM: Added choice to use floating point ABI.
  • ARM: Added NXP Kinetis kconfig options to configure clocks.
  • ARM: Removed dynamic interrupts and exceptions.
  • ARM: Atmel: Added constants and structures for watchdog registers.
  • ARM: Added support for ARM Cortex-M0/M0+.
  • x86: Removed dynamic interrupts and exceptions.
  • x86: Declared internal API for interrupt controllers.
  • x86: Changed IRQ controller to return -1 if cannot determine
    source vector.
  • x86: Grouped Quark SoC's under intel_quark family.
  • x86: Optimized and simplified IRQ and exception stubs.


  • Renamed board Quark SE devboard to Quark SE C1000 devboard.
  • Renamed board Quark SE SSS devboard to Quark SE C1000 SS devboard.
  • Quark SE C1000: Disabled IPM and enabled UART0 on the
    Sensor Subsystem.
  • Removed basic_cortex_m3 and basic_minuteia boards.
  • Arduino 101: Removed backup/restore scripts. To restore original
    bootloader use flashpack utility instead.
  • Renamed nRF52 Nitrogen to 96Boards Nitrogen.
  • Added ARM LTD Beetle SoC and V2M Beetle board.
  • Added Texas Instruments CC3200 LaunchXL support.
  • Added support for Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822.
  • Added support for NXP Hexiwear board.

Drivers and Sensors

  • SPI: Fixed typos in SPI port numbers.
  • Pinmux: Removed Quark dev unused file.
  • I2C: Added KSDK shim driver.
  • Ethernet: Added KSDK shim driver.
  • Flash: Added KSDK shim driver
  • I2C: Changed config parameters to SoC specific.
  • QMSI: Implemented suspend and resume functions QMSI shim drivers
  • Added HP206C sensor.
  • Changed config_info pointers to const.
  • Added support for SoCWatch driver.
  • Added FXOS8700 accelerometer / magnetometer sensor driver.


  • Minor fixes to uIP networking stack (This will be deprecated in 1.7)


  • Added native Bluetooth Controller support. Currently nRF51 & nRF52
    are supported.
  • New location for Controller & Host implementations:
  • Added raw HCI API to enable physical HCI transport for a
    Controller-only build.
  • Added sample raw HCI apps for USB and UART.
  • Added cross-transport pairing support for the Security
    Manager Protocol.
  • Added RFCOMM support (for Bluetooth Classic)
  • Added basic persistent storage support (filesystem-backed)
  • Renamed bt_driver API to bt_hci_driver, in anticipation of
    Bluetooth radio drivers.

Build Infrastructure

  • Makefile: Changed outdir into board-specific directory to avoid
    build collisions.
  • Makefile: Changed to use HOST_OS environment variable.
  • Makefile: Added support for third party build systems.
  • Sanity: Added support to filter using environment variables.
  • Sanity: Added support for multiple toolchains.
  • Sanity: Added ISSM and ARM GCC embedded toolchains to the
    supported toolchains.
  • Sanity: Added extra arguments to be passed to the build.
  • Sanity: Removed linker VMA/LMA offset check.
  • Sysgen: Added --kernel_type argument.
  • Modified build infrastructure to support unified kernel.
  • SDK: Zephyr: Added check for minimum required version.
  • Imported get_maintainer.pl from Linux kernel.


  • libc: Added subset of standard types in inttypes.h.
  • libc: Added support for 'z' length specifier.
  • libc: Removed stddef.h which is provided by the compiler.
  • libc: printf: Improved code for printing.
  • printk: Added support for modifiers.
  • Added CoAP implementation for Zephyr.
  • File system: Added API to grow or shrink a file.
  • File system: Added API to get volume statistics.
  • File system: Added API to flush cache of an opened file.


  • QMSI: Updated to version 1.3.1.
  • HAL: Imported CC3200 SDK.
  • Imported Nordic MDK nRF51 files.
  • Imported Kinetis SDK Ethernet phy driver.
  • Imported SDK RNGA driver.


  • Drivers: Improved Zephyr Driver model.
  • Updated device power management API.
  • Unified Kernel primer.
  • Moved supported board information to the
    wiki.zephyrproject.org site.
  • Revised documentation for Kernel Event logger and Timing.

Test and Samples

  • Fixed incorrect printk usage.
  • Removed test for dynamic exceptions.
  • Added USB sample.
  • Added tests and samples for CoAP client and server.
  • Added philosophers unified sample.
  • Removed printf/printk wrappers.
  • Added Unified kernel API samples.
  • Imported tinycrypt test cases for CTR, ECC DSA and ECC DH algorithm.


  • Deprecated microkernel and nanokernel APIs.
  • Removed dynamic IRQs and exceptions.
  • Removed Tasks IRQs.

JIRA Related Items

  • ZEP-308 - Build System cleanup and Kernel / Application build
  • ZEP-334 - Unified Kernel
  • ZEP-766 - USB Mass Storage access to internal filesystem
  • ZEP-1090 - CPU x86 save/restore using new QMSI bootloader flow
  • ZEP-1173 - Add support for bonding remove
  • ZEP-48 - define API for interrupt controllers
  • ZEP-181 - Persistent storage APIs
  • ZEP-233 - Support USB mass storage device class
  • ZEP-237 - Support pre-built host tools
  • ZEP-240 - printk/printf usage in samples
  • ZEP-248 - Add a BOARD/SOC porting guide
  • ZEP-342 - USB DFU
  • ZEP-451 - Quark SE output by default redirected to IPM
  • ZEP-521 - ARM - add choice to floating point ABI selection
  • ZEP-546 - UART interrupts not triggered on ARC
  • ZEP-584 - warn user if SDK is out of date
  • ZEP-592 - Sanitycheck support for multiple toolchains
  • ZEP-605 - SMP over BR/EDR
  • ZEP-614 - Port tinycrypt 2.0 test cases to Zephyr
  • ZEP-622 - Add FS API to truncate/shrink a file
  • ZEP-627 - Port Trickle support from Contiki into current stack
  • ZEP-635 - Add FS API to grow a file
  • ZEP-636 - Add FS API to get volume total and free space
  • ZEP-640 - Remove dynamic IRQs/exceptions from Zephyr
  • ZEP-653 - QMSI shim driver: Watchdog: Implement suspend and resume
  • ZEP-654 - QMSI shim driver: I2C: Implement suspend and resume
  • ZEP-657 - QMSI shim driver: AONPT: Implement suspend and resume
  • ZEP-661 - QMSI shim driver: SPI: Implement suspend and resume
  • ZEP-688 - unify duplicated sections of arch linker scripts
  • ZEP-715 - Add K64F clock configurations
  • ZEP-716 - Add Hexiwear board support
  • ZEP-717 - Add ksdk I2C shim driver
  • ZEP-718 - Add ksdk ethernet shim driver
  • ZEP-721 - Add FXOS8700 accelerometer/magnetometer sensor driver
  • ZEP-737 - Update host tools from upstream: fixdep.c
  • ZEP-740 - PWM API: Check if 'flags' argument is really required
  • ZEP-745 - Revisit design of PWM Driver API
  • ZEP-750 - Arduino 101 board should support one configuration using
    original bootloader
  • ZEP-758 - Rename Quark SE Devboard to its official name: Quark SE
  • ZEP-767 - Add FS API to flush cache of an open file
  • ZEP-775 - Enable USB CDC by default on Arduino 101 and redirect
    serial to USB
  • ZEP-783 - ARM Cortex-M0/M0+ support
  • ZEP-784 - Add support for Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822 SoC
  • ZEP-850 - remove obsolete boards basic_minuteia and
  • ZEP-906 - [unified] Add scheduler time slicing support
  • ZEP-907 - Test memory pool support (with mailboxes)
  • ZEP-908 - Add task offload to fiber support
  • ZEP-909 - Adapt tickless idle + power management for ARM
  • ZEP-910 - Adapt tickless idle for x86
  • ZEP-912 - Finish renaming kernel object types
  • ZEP-916 - Eliminate kernel object API anomalies
  • ZEP-920 - Investigate malloc/free support
  • ZEP-921 - Miscellaneous documentation work
  • ZEP-922 - Revise documentation for Kernel Event Logger
  • ZEP-923 - Revise documentation for Timing
  • ZEP-924 - Revise documentation for Interrupts
  • ZEP-925 - API changes to message queues
  • ZEP-926 - API changes to memory pools
  • ZEP-927 - API changes to memory maps
  • ZEP-928 - API changes to event handling
  • ZEP-930 - Cut over to unified kernel
  • ZEP-933 - Unified kernel ARC port
  • ZEP-934 - NIOS_II port
  • ZEP-935 - Kernel logger support (validation)
  • ZEP-954 - Update device PM API to allow setting additional power
  • ZEP-957 - Create example sample for new unified kernel API usage
  • ZEP-959 - sync checkpatch.pl with upstream Linux
  • ZEP-966 - need support for EM7D SOC on em_starterkit
  • ZEP-975 - DNS client port to new IP stack
  • ZEP-981 - Add doxygen documentation to both include/kernel.h and
  • ZEP-989 - Cache next ready thread instead of finding out the long
  • ZEP-993 - Quark SE (x86): Refactor save/restore execution context
  • ZEP-994 - Quark SE (ARC): Add PMA sample
  • ZEP-996 - Refactor save/restore feature from i2c_qmsi driver
  • ZEP-997 - Refactor save/restore feature from spi_qmsi driver
  • ZEP-998 - Refactor save/restore feature from uart_qmsi driver
  • ZEP-999 - Refactor save/restore feature from gpio_qmsi driver
  • ZEP-1000 - Refactor save/restore feature from rtc_qmsi driver
  • ZEP-1001 - Refactor save/restore feature from wdt_qmsi driver
  • ZEP-1002 - Refactor save/restore feature from counter_qmsi_aonpt
  • ZEP-1004 - Extend counter_qmsi_aon driver to support save/restore
    peripheral context
  • ZEP-1005 - Extend dma_qmsi driver to support save/restore
    peripheral context
  • ZEP-1006 - Extend soc_flash_qmsi driver to support save/restore
    peripheral context
  • ZEP-1008 - Extend pwm_qmsi driver to support save/restore
    peripheral context
  • ZEP-1023 - workq in Kernel primer for unified kernel
  • ZEP-1030 - Enable QMSI shim drivers of SoC peripherals on the sensor
  • ZEP-1043 - Update QMSI to 1.2
  • ZEP-1045 - Add/Enhance shim layer to wrap SOC specific PM
  • ZEP-1046 - Implement RAM sharing between bootloader and Zephyr
  • ZEP-1047 - Adapt to new PM related boot flow changes in QMSI boot
  • ZEP-1106 - Fix all test failures from TCF
  • ZEP-1107 - Update QMSI to 1.3
  • ZEP-1109 - Texas Instruments CC3200 LaunchXL Support
  • ZEP-1119 - move top level usb/ to sys/usb
  • ZEP-1120 - move top level fs/ to sys/fs
  • ZEP-1121 - Add config support for enabling SoCWatch in Zephyr
  • ZEP-1140 - Add a unified kernel version of power_mgr sample app for
    testing PM code with the new kernel
  • ZEP-1188 - Add an API to retrieve pending interrupts for wake events
  • ZEP-1191 - Create wiki page for Hexiwear board
  • ZEP-1235 - Basic shell support for file system browsing
  • ZEP-1245 - ARM LTD V2M Beetle Support
  • ZEP-1313 - porting and user guides must include a security section
  • ZEP-1386 - Revise power management document to reflect latest
  • ZEP-199 - Zephyr driver model is undocumented
  • ZEP-436 - Test case tests/kernel/test_mem_safe fails on ARM
  • ZEP-471 - Ethernet packet with multicast address is not working
  • ZEP-472 - Ethernet packets are getting missed if sent in
    quick succession.
  • ZEP-517 - build on windows failed "zephyr/Makefile:869: ***
    multiple target patterns"
  • ZEP-528 - ARC has 2 almost identical copies of the linker script
  • ZEP-577 - Sample application source does not compile on Windows
  • ZEP-601 - enable CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO
  • ZEP-602 - unhandled CPU exceptions/interrupts report wrong faulting
    vector if triggered by CPU
  • ZEP-615 - Un-supported flash erase size listed in SPI flash w25qxxdv
    driver header file
  • ZEP-639 - device_pm_ops structure should be defined as static
  • ZEP-686 - docs: Info in "Application Development Primer" and
    "Developing an Application and the Build System" is largely
  • ZEP-698 - samples/task_profiler issues
  • ZEP-707 - mem_safe test stomps on top of .data and bottom of
  • ZEP-724 - build on windows failed: 'make: execvp: uname: File or
    path name too long'
  • ZEP-733 - Minimal libc shouldn't be providing stddef.h
  • ZEP-762 - unexpected "abspath" and "notdir" from mingw make system
  • ZEP-777 - samples/driver/i2c_stts751: kconfig build warning from
    "select DMA_QMSI"
  • ZEP-778 - Samples/drivers/i2c_lsm9ds0: kconfig build warning from
    "select DMA_QMSI"
  • ZEP-779 - Using current MinGW gcc version 5.3.0 breaks Zephyr build
    on Windows
  • ZEP-845 - UART for ARC on Arduino 101 behaves unexpectedly
  • ZEP-905 - hello_world compilation for arduino_due target fails
    when using CROSS_COMPILE
  • ZEP-940 - Fail to get ATT response
  • ZEP-950 - USB: Device is not listed by USB20CV test suite
  • ZEP-961 - samples: other cases cannot execute after run aon_counter
  • ZEP-967 - Sanity doesn't build 'samples/usb/dfu' with
    assertions (-R)
  • ZEP-970 - Sanity doesn't build 'tests/kernel/test_build' with
    assertions (-R)
  • ZEP-982 - Minimal libc has EWOULDBLOCK != EAGAIN
  • ZEP-1014 - [TCF] tests/bluetooth/init build fail
  • ZEP-1025 - Unified kernel build sometimes breaks on a missing .d
    dependency file.
  • ZEP-1027 - Documentation for GCC ARM is not accurate
  • ZEP-1031 - qmsi: dma: driver test fails with LLVM
  • ZEP-1048 - grove_lcd sample: sample does not work if you disable
  • ZEP-1051 - mpool allocation failed after defrag twice...
  • ZEP-1062 - Unified kernel isn't compatible with CONFIG_NEWLIB_LIBC
  • ZEP-1074 - ATT retrying misbehaves when ATT insufficient
    Authentication is received
  • ZEP-1076 - "samples/philosophers/unified" build failed with dynamic
  • ZEP-1077 - "samples/philosophers/unified" build warnings with
  • ZEP-1079 - Licensing not clear for imported components
  • ZEP-1097 - ENC28J60 driver fails on concurrent tx and rx
  • ZEP-1098 - ENC28J60 fails to receive big data frames
  • ZEP-1100 - Current master still identifies itself as 1.5.0
  • ZEP-1101 - SYS_KERNEL_VER_PATCHLEVEL() and friends artificially
    limit version numbers to 4 bits
  • ZEP-1124 - tests/kernel/test_sprintf/microkernel/testcase.ini#test
    failure on frdm_k64f
  • ZEP-1130 - region 'RAM' overflowed occurs while building
  • ZEP-1138 - Received packets not being passed to upper layer from IP
    stack when using ENC28J60 driver
  • ZEP-1139 - Fix build error when power management is built with
    unified kernel
  • ZEP-1141 - Tinycrypt SHA256 test fails with system crash using
    unified kernel type
  • ZEP-1144 - Tinycrypt AES128 fixed-key with variable-text test fails
    using unified kernel type
  • ZEP-1145 - system hang after tinycrypt HMAC test
  • ZEP-1146 - zephyrproject.org home page needs technical scrub for 1.6
  • ZEP-1149 - port ztest framework to unified kernel
  • ZEP-1154 - tests/samples failing with unified kernel
  • ZEP-1155 - Fix filesystem API namespace
  • ZEP-1163 - LIB_INCLUDE_DIR is clobbered in Makefile second pass
  • ZEP-1164 - ztest skip waiting the test case to finish its execution
  • ZEP-1179 - Build issues when compiling with LLVM from ISSM (icx)
  • ZEP-1182 - kernel.h doxygen show unexpected "asm" blocks
  • ZEP-1183 - btshell return "panic: errcode -1" when init bt
  • ZEP-1195 - Wrong ATT error code passed to the application
  • ZEP-1199 - [L2CAP] No credits to receive packet
  • ZEP-1219 - [L2CAP] Data sent exceeds maximum PDU size
  • ZEP-1221 - Connection Timeout during pairing
  • ZEP-1226 - cortex M7 port assembler error
  • ZEP-1227 - ztest native testing not working in unified kernel
  • ZEP-1232 - Daily build is failing asserts
  • ZEP-1234 - Removal of fiber* APIs due to unified migration breaks
    USB mass storage patchset
  • ZEP-1247 - Test tests/legacy/benchmark/latency_measure is broken
    for daily sanitycheck
  • ZEP-1252 - Test test_chan_blen_transfer does not build for
  • ZEP-1277 - Flash driver (w25qxxdv) erase function is not checking
    for offset alignment
  • ZEP-1278 - Incorrect boundary check in flash driver (w25qxxdv) for
    erase offset
  • ZEP-1287 - ARC SPI 1 Port is not working
  • ZEP-1289 - Race condition with k_sem_take
  • ZEP-1291 - libzephyr.a dependency on phony "gcc" target
  • ZEP-1293 - ENC28J60 driver doesn't work on Arduino 101
  • ZEP-1295 - incorrect doxygen comment in kernel.h:k_work_pending()
  • ZEP-1297 - test/legacy/kernel/test_mail: failure on ARC platforms
  • ZEP-1299 - System can't resume completely with DMA suspend and
    resume operation
  • ZEP-1302 - ENC28J60 fails with rx/tx of long frames
  • ZEP-1303 - Configuration talks about >32 thread prios, but the
    kernel does not support it
  • ZEP-1309 - ARM uses the end of memory for its init stack
  • ZEP-1310 - ARC uses the end of memory for its init stack
  • ZEP-1312 - ARC: software crashed at k_mbox_get() with async
    sending a message
  • ZEP-1319 - Zephyr is unable to compile when CONFIG_RUNTIME_NMI is
    enabled on ARM platforms
  • ZEP-1341 - power_states test app passes wrong value as power state
    to post_ops functions
  • ZEP-1343 - tests/drivers/pci_enum: failing on QEMU ARM and X86 due
    to missing commit
  • ZEP-1345 - cpu context save and restore could corrupt stack
  • ZEP-1349 - ARC sleep needs to pass interrupt priority threshold when
    interrupts are enabled
  • ZEP-1353 - FDRM k64f Console output broken on normal flash mode

Known Issues

  • ZEP-1405 - function l2cap_br_conn_req in
    /subsys/bluetooth/host/l2cap_br.c references uninitialized pointer