@nashif nashif released this Nov 19, 2017 · 22 commits to v1.9-branch since this release

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Changes since v1.9.2:


  • Generic queue item acquisition fixed to always return a valid item when
    using K_FOREVER


  • Multiple stability fixes for BLE Mesh
  • Multiple stability fixes for the BLE Controller


Anas Nashif (2):
      ci: compliance: decode output to utf8
      release: Zephyr 1.9.2

Carles Cufi (3):
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix Controller to Host flow control leak
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix flow control packet drop
      doc: 1.9.x release notes

Johan Hedberg (24):
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix string signedness issue
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix SDU length check
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Drop invalid destination addresses
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix copy-paste mistake when assigning to cfg->frnd
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix encoding health status when app has no callback
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Set timer for periodic publish before publishing
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Always set company ID in health status message
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Send ack for every message with matching FCS
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Allow TTL <= 1 for the local net interface
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Remove local network interface Kconfig option
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix Health Period Set OpCode
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix encoding fault count to Health Current Status
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix spelling of "heartbeat"
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix zeroing heartbeat state
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix resetting heartbeat subscription expiry properly
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix Set LPNTimeout message handling
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix setting health period divider
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Don't send health status messages if a test fails
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix dropping valid proxy configration messages
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix revoking app keys
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix missing initialization of bt_mesh.local_queue
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix potential access to uninitialized variable
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix mod sub status parameters upon failure
      Bluetooth: Mesh: Fix missing feature bits

Luiz Augusto von Dentz (4):
      queue: k_queue_get: Fix NULL return
      poll: k_poll: Return -EINTR if not ready
      queue: k_queue_cancel_wait: Fix not interrupting other threads
      tests: fifo: Add prj_poll.conf

Paul Sokolovsky (1):
      kernel: queue: k_queue_poll: Fix slist access race condition

Steve Brown (1):
      Bluetooth: Mesh: heartbeat fixes for message count
Vinayak Kariappa Chettimada (18):
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix slave from initiating conn upd ind
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix Conn Param Req response timeout
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix CPR procedure's Conn Upd initiation
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix PHY Update response state transition
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix NRF_AAR use
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix missing PHY update procedure reset
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix missing reset of FC feature
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix connection update supervision timeout
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix Coded PHY supervision timeout
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix tIFS calc for Coded PHY
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix PA/LNA for Coded PHY
      Bluetooth: controller: Add encrypted Coded PHY support
      Bluetooth: controller: Add Coded PHY packet tx time restrictions
      Bluetooth: controller: Remove assert on invalid LL id
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix Ctrl PDU Tx starvation assert
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix to enable Asym PHY on nRF52 Series
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix MIC error due to parallel Enc Proc
      Bluetooth: controller: Fix diff proc collision with enc proc