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Schedule Milestones

The following graphic shows the timeline of phases and milestones associated with each release:

Schedule Milestones Graphic

This shows how the phases and milestones of one release overlap with those of the next release:

Overlapping Release Schedules Graphic

Milestone Definitions

Milestone Also Called Definition
P0 Planning Kickoff
  • Start Entering Epics, Stories, Tasks
  • TSC Agrees on Major Features / Epics and Schedule
M0 Merge Window Open
  • All Stories & Tasks Prioritized, Sized, and Assigned
  • All Stories Are Associated with Appropriate Epics
  • All Major Feature Stories Are Labeled Accordingly
  • Merge Window Is Opened
M1 M1 Checkpoint
  • Checkpoint for P1s and P2s
M2 M2 Checkpoint
  • Major Features Ready for Code Reviews
  • Test Plans Reviewed and Approved
M3 Feature Merge Window Close
  • Feature Freeze
  • Feature Development Complete (including Code Reviews and Unit Tests Passing)
  • P1 Stories Implemented
  • Feature Merge Window Is Closed
  • Test Development Complete
  • Technical Documentation Created/Updated and Ready for Review
  • CCB Control Starts
M4 Code Freeze
  • Code Freeze
  • RC3 Tagged and Built
M5 Release
  • TSC Reviews the Release Criteria Report and Approves Release
  • Final RC Tagged
  • Make the Release

Planned Milestone Dates

Version 1.11 1.12 1.13
P0 20/09/2017 27-Dec-17 21-Mar-18
P1 11/10/2017 10-Jan-18 11-Apr-18
M0 29/11/2017 28-Feb-18 30-May-18
M1 27/12/2017 21-Mar-18 20-Jun-18
M2 10/01/2018 11-Apr-18 11-Jul-18
M3 07/02/2018 18-May-18 15-Aug-18
M4 02/03/2018 23-May-18 29-Aug-18
M5 09/03/2018 30-May-18 05-Sep-18

Schedule Details

For more details about the project phases, milestones, etc. see More Schedule Details

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