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Documentation for Connected Components
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Zeplin Connected Components Documentation 🧩

Connected Components in Zeplin enables developers to access components in their codebase right on the designs—with links to Storybook, GitHub and any other source of documentation based on your workflow.

After connecting your components in Zeplin to your components in code, you'll be able to get a high level overview of the component right on the designs, like so:

Connected component in Zeplin

Getting started

For details on how to use Connected Components in Zeplin, check out our getting started guides for various platforms/frameworks:

If your platform/framework is not listed here, you can still use Connected Components—check out our getting started guide for all platforms/frameworks.

Once you connect your components, check out these follow-up guides:

Configuration file documentation

For details on how to work with the .zeplin/components.json configuration file, check out the Configuration file documentation.


Connected Components is built with modularity and extensibility in mind. Plugins generate documentation, code snippets, links and so on to be displayed in Zeplin—pick and choose the plugins you need based on the language, platform and tools you prefer.

Name Description Created by
React Plugin Generates documentation, snippets for React and React Native components zeplin
Angular Plugin Generates documentation, snippets for Angular components zeplin
Swift Plugin Generates documentation, snippets for iOS, macOS views in Swift zeplin
Storybook Plugin Generates Storybook links for components zeplin, storybookjs
Vue Plugin Generates documentation, snippets for Vue components politico

To build your own plugin (either for internal use or sharing publicly), check out our CLI plugins documentation.

☝️ It is possible to use Connected Components without any plugins and still display links to your internal wiki or your repository.

Need help?

Reach out to us at if you have any questions or feedback.

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