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@facuspagnuolo facuspagnuolo released this Jan 10, 2019 · 180 commits to master since this release

The main feature of this release is support for contract compilation with both Truffle 4 and Truffle 5. This means that you can now use ZeppelinOS with contracts built using Solidity 0.5.x. We have also adapted the Initializable contract to be compilable with both Solidity 0.4 and 0.5. However, under the hood, ZeppelinOS still depends on Truffle 4 and Web3 0.x; we are working to migrate the entire stack to Web3 1.0 in an upcoming release.

This release also includes automatic gas price setting when working on mainnet, by querying ethgasstation to obtain an average gas price value. Thanks @zachzundel for the contribution!

Last but not least, after etherscan opened up their API for contract code verification, we are also including automatic contract verification on etherscan via the zos verify command. Thanks @ProtonGustave for the contribution!




  • Support Truffle 5 projects (04137b7)
  • Extend Initializable pragma to allow solidity 0.5 (912bf2d)
  • Etherscan integration for contracts verification (#413)
  • Gas price estimations on mainnet with ETH Gas Station (#299)
  • Add more tests to create command in CLI (9a935a3)


  • Use contract method estimateGas function to estimate contract functions calls (#310)
  • Remove truffle-workflow-compile in favor of shell compilation (423d8f9)
  • Delete mock contracts when publishing package (#293)
  • Update truffle-migrate example to use latest ZeppelinOS version (#574)


  • Fix encodeCall address handling (#569)
  • Do not delete deployment info from other networks in truffle artifacts (#415)
  • Remove legacy code from App and Lib distinction (#449)
  • Remove sinon as a main dependency (1c64175)
  • Fix ETH Gas Station integration request (8515895)
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