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@facuspagnuolo facuspagnuolo released this Feb 14, 2019 · 47 commits to master since this release

This release adds a new ProxyAdmin component, which a small contract that is the default admin of all the upgradeable instances you create. This allows you to transparently interact with your contracts from any address, without needing to work with two addresses simultaneously - one for managing upgrades, the other for actual interaction. Note that projects developed with earlier versions of zos need to be migrated to this new structure: the migration is prompted when you run a zos push on any network.

Another major change is that ZeppelinOS now works with web3-1.0.0-beta.37 contracts instead of truffle 4 contracts. This means that the programmatic interface will now return web3 contract objects. If you want to use truffle contracts (either 4 or 5) you will need to wrap the instances in a truffle-contract.


  • New ProxyAdmin contract to manage proxy instances (#588 and #625) (see audit report)
  • Contributing guidelines (#553)
  • Example using truffle migrations (#416)
  • Tests for verify command (#468)
  • Migration process for projects using previous versions of ZeppelinOS v2 (#621)
  • Support receiving booleans via the CLI (#623)
  • Parse scientific notation numbers from the CLI (#567)
  • Linter pre-commit githook (#620)



  • Gas estimation issues on geth (#614)
  • Use gas defaults when present (#575)
  • Bytecode comparison in SimpleProject (#580)
  • Avoid changing tx params object for every transaction (#675)
  • Force compiling all contracts (#581)
  • Etherscan mainnet url (#642)
  • Checksum default sender address on initialization (#654)
  • Ignore Truffle's default gas value (#671)
  • Integration tests using truffle-hdwallet-provider (#473)


  • truffle-contracts from codebase (#451)
  • truffle-resolver from CLI and honor from in config (#612)
  • Lightweight terminology (#550)
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