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A minimal module system for zepto. It is in early alpha.


You can create and import modules like so (no need to import the file, as it is part of the standard library):

(load "module.zp")
(module "mathematica"
    (list :adder adder)
    (list :subtractor subtractor)
    (list "multiplicator" multiplicator))

  (mather (lambda (scheme a b) (scheme a b)))
  (adder (lambda (a b) (mather + a b)))
  (subtractor (lambda (a b) (mather - a b)))
  (multiplicator (lambda (a b) (mather * a b))))

; there now is a library called mathematica. You can access it like that:
(define subtractor (import "mathematica:subtractor"))

; or, if you prefer to import it under another name:
(define the-most-useful-function (import "mathematica:subtractor"))

; if you want to import the whole thing:
(define mathematica (import "mathematica"))

; then you can access those functions like that:
(mathematica "adder")
=> No documentation available
  source: (lambda ("a" "b") ...)

Modules can also, be extended, like so:

(module-extend "mathematica"
  (export (list :divisor divisor))

  (divisor (lambda (a b) (/ a b))))

Please note that current references to the library need to be updated if that happens after already importing the library and private properties are not available in the extension (sorry).

Have fun!