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A stylish Bash prompt similar to Phil!’s ZSH Prompt.
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zer0prompt is a Bash prompt I created after discovering Phil!’s ZSH Prompt. I liked how Phil!’s prompt looked and some of it’s various features but I’m a happy Bash shell user with no need to switch to Z shell. I searched the Internet for various Bash prompts similar to the Phil! ZSH prompt without luck. I tried Bashish but felt there was too much extra going on “under the hood” for what I needed.

It was time to roll up my sleeves and write my own, the way I wanted it and so zer0prompt was born!


  • 18 different colour themes
  • a TERMWIDE prompt, fills the width of the terminal no matter how wide.
  • 2 line prompt
  • the following info is always shown = user, host, current tty, working directory, time, user identifier
  • truncates the shown working directory when it’s wider then the terminal.
  • shows /home/[user] as a tilde ~
  • continuation prompt
  • when logged in as root user, display info in red as a visual reminder.
  • displays the exit code when a command fails
  • sets xterm/rxvt terminal titles (shows username, working directory. and terminal size)
  • user selectable colour themes, info colours, time format, and line graphics
  • auto detection of supported line graphics mode (standard or fallback)
  • user can manually set “no colour mode” and/or “graphics fallback mode"
  • very easy to install without making a mess of your .bashrc
  • tries not to pollute your bash environment!


  1. place the zer0prompt directory in your home directory ~
  2. add the following lines to your ~/.bashrc

source ~/zer0prompt/
unset zer0prompt

[optional] repeat the above steps for the root user if you want a red prompt notification when using su or root user.


Settings for zer0prompt can be found in the zer0prompt/zer0prompt.conf file.

Similar Projects and Credit:

Below are some of the projects where I obtained ideas and information for creating zer0prompt.

Phil!'s ZSH Prompt -
Bashish -
TERMWIDE prompt -
Bash Prompt Howto -


screenshot ![screenshot](/screenshots/colour themes.png?raw=true "colour themes") ![screenshot](/screenshots/colour themes - inverted.png?raw=true "colour themes - inverted") ![screenshot](/screenshots/xterm titlebar.png?raw=true "xterm titlebar") ![screenshot](/screenshots/prompt continuation.png?raw=true "prompt continuation") ![screenshot](/screenshots/directory truncation.png?raw=true "directory truncation") ![screenshot](/screenshots/root notification.png?raw=true "root notification") ![screenshot](/screenshots/error exit code.png?raw=true "error exit code") ![screenshot](/screenshots/graphics fallback mode.png?raw=true "graphics fallback mode")

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