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A divergence meter that tries to look just like the one in the anime.

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Divergence Meter Project (by

This is yet another divergence meter project.

This project tries to make a divergence meter that look just like the one in the Steins;Gate anime series, by implementing the following features:

  • Using tip-less, flat-top nixie tubes (NL902) that look similar to the tubes in the anime.
  • Compact dimensions: so that you can hold it on your hand like Suzuha does, and so that you can use the meter for cosplaying.
  • A built-in, rechargeable battery; so that Suzuha can take it out of her bag while it is displaying a divergence value.

The result, a completed divergence meter can be seen below.

divergence meter with dr pepper divergence meter with an anime screen capture

Files in This Repository

This repository contains schematics, PCB files and a firmware of the divergence meter. Chassis design is left as an exercise to makers (forks and pull requests are welcome!).

The divergence meter is composed of 3 PCBs, and there are 3 PCB filesets in this repository:

  • dm_control: A board that controls everything; the motherboard.
  • dm_nixiebrd: A serial-to-parallel converter board with nixie drivers. This is the board where nixie tubes are mounted on, and stacks on top of dm_control board.
  • dm_topboard: A perfboard-like board that goes on top of the divergence meter. This board does not have any electrical functions, but adds very much to the aesthetics.

dm_control board has a microcontroller, and its firmware is in the following subdirectory:

  • dm_firmware: Firmware for dm_control board.


Schematics and PCB, and firmware are licensed under different licenses:

Please see and LICENSE files in respective directories.

See Also

This project was inspired by following projects:


There is no warranty, expressed or implied, associated with files in this project. Especially there is a high voltage shock hazard which can kill you. Use at your own risk.


Kouichi Kuroi (


A divergence meter that tries to look just like the one in the anime.






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