SQLite library for use in iOS and Mac OS X development with Objective-C
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Bugfix 2012-08-16: Removed a dependency to a custom library.


This is a very simple thread safe SQLite wrapper for Mac OS X and iOS development.

It is a singleton, so it allows for a single database connection. That being said, the library is thread safe and if multiple threads attempt to do SQL operations, they will be queued up until the current thread is done (i.e. the database transaction is committed).

It has support for transactions and uses blocks.

Data skeleton and data locations

Before using the library you have to set the name of your preferred database file and it's location.

# Store database data in the cache
[SQLiteLibrary setDatabaseFileInCache:@"dbstuff.sqlite"];
# Store database data in the persistent documents folder
[SQLiteLibrary setDatabaseFileInDocuments:@"dbstuff.sqlite"];

After setting the file name, the code below will copy the file data_skeleton.sqlite3 to the file you specified above. Note that this will NOT override the file, UNLESS you specify YES as the ForceReset parameter.

[SQLiteLibrary setupDatabaseAndForceReset:NO];


The cache location will store the database in a cache folder and this folder can be deleted at any time when the application is not running. It is also not backed up.

Use this for databases that store temporary data that you will not need to store between application launches.


The documents location will store the database in the user's Documents folder. This folder is persistent and will not be deleted unless the user uninstalls the iOS application or manually deletes the file on Mac.

Use this for databases that store persistent data such as user profiles or game highscores.


Log messages are output based on your setting of DEBUG_LOG preprocessor macro.

  • DEBUG_LOG=1 - outputs basic messages and errors
  • DEBUG_LOG=2 - outputs every query and lots of other data

Typical usage scenario

[SQLiteLibrary setDatabaseFileInCache:@"dbstuff.sqlite"];
[SQLiteLibrary setupDatabaseAndForceReset:NO];
[SQLiteLibrary begin];

# Insert query
[SQLiteLibrary performQuery:@"INSERT INTO tablename (bar, foo) VALUES(2,3)" block:nil];

# Select query
# The block will be called once for every row returned from the query
[SQLiteLibrary performQuery:@"SELECT foo, bar FROM tablename" block:^(sqlite3_stmt *rowData) {
    NSString* stringValue = sqlite3_column_nsstring(rowData, 0);
    int intValue = sqlite3_column_int(rowData, 1);

The performQuery: method returns different integer values depending on the query:

  • INSERT returns the id of the last inserted row
  • UPDATE returns the number of affected rows
  • SELECT returns number of found rows

Using transactions

By default every query is performed in it's own transaction, however if you are performing lots of insert queries using transactions increases performance quite a bit.

[SQLiteLibrary begin];
[SQLiteLibrary performQuery:@"INSERT INTO tablename (bar, foo) VALUES(22,3)" block:nil];
[SQLiteLibrary performQuery:@"INSERT INTO tablename (bar, foo) VALUES(252,234542)" block:nil];
[SQLiteLibrary performQuery:@"INSERT INTO tablename (bar, foo) VALUES(252,5253)" block:nil];
[SQLiteLibrary performQuery:@"INSERT INTO tablename (bar, foo) VALUES(2222,2523)" block:nil];
[SQLiteLibrary performQuery:@"INSERT INTO tablename (bar, foo) VALUES(512,352)" block:nil];
[SQLiteLibrary commit];


Calling begin initiates a thread lock, and the lock is only released only when commit is called.

So once an SQL transaction is started, all other database access will be put on hold until the thread that begun the transaction calls commit.

Note: A single query outside a transaction calls begin and commit, and thus follows the above principle.


There is currently no rollback support.


For NSString support I wrote a custom function sqlite3_column_nsstring, it behaves like other sqlite3 functions but returns an NSString instead of a C string.