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Zercurity has been acquired by JumpCloud

This repository will no longer be maintained or updated. You can Read more about the acquisition. Or signup to JumpCloud today.


Zercurity provides cybersecurity as a service to help businesses identify and close risks, ensure compliance and provide infrastructure intelligence on an ongoing and measurable basis.

Zercurity leverages a number of open-source projects including Osquery, Steampipe and Google's Santa to provide a single platform for Asset inventory management, Patch management, Vulnerability assessments, Compliance, SIEM, Device monitoring, File integrity monitoring, Ad-hoc device queries, Network monitoring, Application whitelisting, Issue & risk tracking, Investigations, Workflows (SOAR), File retrieval, User focused security, Applications & Packages, Integrations

Zercurity screenshots

Quick start

Zercurity uses both docker and docker-compose to install and manage your Zercurity installation.

Once installed. Run ./ this simply configures the production.env file used for configuring the containers managed by docker-compose.


Zercurity should now be accessible via https://app.zercurity.local or the provided domain. You will also need to visit https://api.zercurity.local and https://download.zercurity.local when using a self signed certificate.

Getting started

To create your initial user account you can either register a new account via the app. Or if you want to skip the initial email check use this command to generate a signup link:

docker exec zercurity_backend_1 ./zercurity --register --name "Your name" --email ""



Zercurity documentation

A full guide to Zercurity is available here: Or for more information on setting up and configuring docker please see our in-depth install guide.