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Zercurity provides cybersecurity as a service to help businesses identify and close risks, ensure compliance and provide infrastructure intelligence on an ongoing and measurable basis.

Zercurity leverages a number of open-source projects including Osquery and Google's Santa to provide a single platform for Asset inventory management, Patch management, Vulnerability assessments, Compliance, SIEM, Device monitoring, File integrity monitoring, Ad-hoc device queries, Network monitoring, Application whitelisting, Issue & risk tracking, Investigations, Workflows (SOAR), File retrieval, User focused security, Applications & Packages, Integrations

Zercurity screenshots

Quick start

Zercurity uses both docker and docker-compose to install and manage your Zercurity installation.

Once installed. Run ./ this simply configures the production.env file used for configuring the containers managed by docker-compose.


Zercurity should now be accessible via https://app.zercurity.local or the provided domain.

Getting started

To create your initial user account you can either register a new account via the app. Or if you want to skip the initial email check use this command to generate a signup link:

docker exec zercurity_backend_1 ./zercurity --register --name "Your name" --email ""



Zercurity documentation

A full guide to Zercurity is available here: Or for more information on setting up and configuring docker please see our in-depth install guide.