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Modified README to point to ZergSupport example project.

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@@ -28,6 +28,10 @@ zerg-xcode ls ProjectName
You can learn all about importing projects in
"this blog post":
+"ZergSupport": is an example of a project
+that you can import. You can read more about it in
+"this blog post":
h2. Developer Notes
The rest of the file is useful if you're considering tweaking the code. Here are
@@ -126,4 +130,5 @@ h3. Testing
The <code>test</code> directory contains a parallel tree to
<code>lib/zerg_xcode</code>. Coverage must remain excellent, because this is a
-tool that deals with people's work.
+tool that operates on developers's hard work, which may not be protected by
+version control.

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