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+Plugin creates keyboard shortcuts for editing most common files or exploring most common directories. Currenty works only in Symfony 1.4 projects but I have plans to exeted support do Symfony 2 and Rails 3.
+Shortcuts are working only when current directory is from inside a project.
+Project shortcuts:
+* <C-j><C-m> Model: Explore lib/model dir.
+* <C-j><C-s> Schema: Edit config/*schema.yml (menu for multiple options).
+* <C-j><C-y> CSS: Explore web/css dir.
+* <C-j><C-j> JS: Explore web/js dir.
+* <C-j><C-t> Test: Explore test dir.
+* <C-j><C-h> Helper: Explore lib/helper dir.
+* <C-j><C-f> Form: Explore lib/form dir.
+* <C-j><C-i> Filter: Explore lib/filter dir.
+* <C-j><C-l> Lib: Explore lib dir.
+* <C-j><C-q> SQL: Explore data/sql dir.
+* <C-j><C-x> Fixtures: Explore data/fixtures dir.
+Application shortcuts (if your project has more that one application avaiable options are shown):
+* <C-j><C-u> Layout: Edit $appname/templates/*layout*.php file (supports multiple options).
+* <C-j><C-o> Modules: Explore $appname/modules dir.
+* <C-j><C-r> Routing: Edit $appname/config/routing.yml file.
+* <C-j><C-g> AppConfig: Edit $appname/config/app.yml file.
+* <C-j><C-a> Action: Edit actions.class.php when editing or exploring module templates.
+* <C-j><C-v> View: While cursor is placed on function header tries to edit associaded view. If none could be found, explores views directory.
1  project-jumper.vim
@@ -22,7 +22,6 @@ map <C-j><C-r> :call JumperJump("routing")<CR>
map <C-j><C-g> :call JumperJump("appconfig")<CR>
map <C-j><C-a> :call JumperJump("action")<CR>
map <C-j><C-v> :call JumperJump("view")<CR>
-map <C-j><C-u> :call JumperJump("layout")<CR>
function! JumperJump(target)
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