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Vim plugin which allows you to easily jump (using keyboard shortcuts) to most common files or directories in Symfony 2 and 1.4 projects.
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Project-Jumper 0.1

What is Project-Jumper?

Project Jumper is a Vim plugin which creates keyboard shortcuts for editing most common files or exploring most common directories. Currenty works only in Symfony 1.4 projects but I have plans to extend support to Symfony 2 and Rails 3.

Latest version

Latest version of Vim Project Jumper can be found at


Unpack all *.vim files and this README into ~/.vim/plugin/project-jumper/ directory. Restart Vim if necessary.


Default shortucts work from Vim edit mode. To invoke a jump keep alt presses and then type j and other key depending whare you're trying to jump to.

Shortcuts are working only when current directory (you can check it with :pwd command) is from inside a project. Avoid using shortucts elsewhere cause it can do some heavy and unsuccessful file searching.

Default shortcuts

Project project related:

  • <M-j><M-t> Root: Explore project main dir.
  • <M-j><M-m> Model: Explore lib/model dir.
  • <M-j><M-s> Schema: Edit config/schema.yml (menu for multiple options).
  • <M-j><M-k> CSS: Explore web/css dir.
  • <M-j><M-j> JS: Explore web/js dir.
  • <M-j><M-e> Test: Explore test dir.
  • <M-j><M-h> Helper: Explore lib/helper dir.
  • <M-j><M-f> Form: Explore lib/form dir.
  • <M-j><M-i> Filter: Explore lib/filter dir.
  • <M-j><M-l> Lib: Explore lib dir.
  • <M-j><M-q> SQL: Explore data/sql dir.
  • <M-j><M-x> Fixtures: Explore data/fixtures dir.

Application related (if your project has more that one application avaiable options are shown):

  • <M-j><M-c> Controller: Edit actions.class.php when editing or exploring module templates.
  • <M-j><M-v> View: While cursor is placed on function header tries to edit associaded view. If none could be found, explores views directory.
  • <M-j><M-y> Layout: Edit $appname/templates/layout.php file (supports multiple options).
  • <M-j><M-o> Modules: Explore $appname/modules dir.
  • <M-j><M-r> Routing: Edit $appname/config/routing.yml file.
  • <M-j><M-g> AppConfig: Edit $appname/config/app.yml file.
  • <M-j><M-a> Application: Explore application maind dir.

Remapping shortucts

Just copy mappings from the beginning of project-jumper.vim file to your .vimrc and modify it.

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