A realtime Mandelbrot fractal zoomer for PS3


PS3 Mandelbrot set fractal zoomer
by: zerkman / Sector One
version: 1.0

 All the computations are done using the SPU's of the Cell processor.
 The generator is able to render more than 10 frames per second, and for some
 parts of the Mandelbrot set the framerate can achieve 60 fps ;)

 It works as an installable package, to be installed from USB storage via the
 "Install Package File" game menu option of jailbroken PS3's.

 Use the analog sticks to scroll and zoom, then you can make a screenshot
 using the "square" button. Screenshot images are stored to USB storage.
 Use the "start" button to reset the original settings, and hit "cross" to
 Enjoy !

Greetings and thanks to:
 the PSL1GHT team

January 2011 - zerkman.sector1.fr